Beauty Product Reviews

My Go-To Foundation

This stuff is as good as it gets for drugstore foundation, in my opinion. The have two different types of foundations to suit the needs of your skin! it stays on very nicely and covers up acne and rednedd well.

I'll just live with it

i bought this at the drugstore and used it the other day. It didn't really stay on very well and had to re apply when i went to the bathroom. Another thing i didn't really like about this eyeliner was that it didn't dry on matte and gave off a shiny affect. I HATE that! I'm not really one to waste things and i spent 12.99 CAN on it so i'll just live with it for now. WILL NOT REPURCHASE

I love this!!!

I think what I love the most about this liner is the applicator. This stuff is awesome. One of the best liners I have ever used, along with stila's long lasting liquid liner. I would buy again!!


I bought this liner for $22 CAN. I don't really know if it was worth my money. There is obviously much less product than the last liquid liner that Urben Decay made but that wasn't really the problem. My problem with it was the formula. It stayed on long, yes, but if I rubbed it, even just a little bit, it would come off in clumps and irritate my eyes, especially the edges. I wouldn't buy this again.

Best liner EVER!!

This stuff is AWESOME! It does stay all dayand it's easy to get off. This is by far, the best felt tip liquid liner that I have used. For 26$ CAN, it was worth my money.

I am a teenager with a horrible insomnia and trying to conceal my under eye circles is always part of my daily makeup routine. Before I just used random concealer brands like Almay but it didn't really help, and about a week ago, I was at Walmart and saw it on sale for $10 CAN. I decided to try it and it was worth my money. It conceals my dark circles almost completely and makes me look way more awake!! I fully recommend it!