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Love them!

I own spotlight and lilac petal and i really love them a lot, I honestly wasnt expecting them to work this well but surprisingly they did i first apply my foundation then the whip and then set them with my powder and i only apply them on my cheek bones as a highlight, a little goes a long way i just dot it on my cheeks and blend them going inwards and upwards.. i am very happy with this product.. elf is amazing! :)


I really was expecting them to be at least a little noticeable but actually i couldnt even pick them up with my brushes (and i use good brushes so my brushes dont suck lol) and they were very flaky. When you do finger swatches they are pretty good but once you try to apply them on your eyes they dont stick even with a primer... honestly these are not that great and honestly for 15 dollars! i feel like its to pricey comparing to buying an 88 palette haha

very little goes a looong way!

In love with occ lip tars. I own 5 Hush, Interlace, Grandma, Pageant, and Feathered. I love love love all of them... I love mixing them with each other and with other glosses too, I recently mixed hush and grandma and i got a very soft coraly peachy look its beautiful, i also did pageant and feathered and it made a very pink barbie lip :) these are so fun to play with and a little goes a loooong way trust me just a drop on your lip brush and you are set! apply a little gloss over them because you will need it but i highly recommend these lip tars.. i will for sure be buying me some more soon :)

shimmer palette!??... yes please!

I already own the matte palette and when i was at imats LA i saw they had the shimmer palette and i was like what!!?? shimmer palette! yes please haha, now im not sure if it was coastal scents but the packaging, price and all was just the same so im assuming it was. Well anyways omg i LOVE it!... i havent used them all but so far so good I have used the pinks, reds, purples, and golds and they go on really good... I used them with a black creamy base and they look amazing also just by themselves with UDPP and they work well. The pigmentation is amazing and well the price too i think its normally like 20 bucks? so not bad at all these are a must have for all makeup artist out there even junkies or beginners... you know that iphone commercial "if you dont have an iphone dont have an iphone" same here "if you dont have an 88 shimmer palette well.... you dont have an 88 shimmer palette" haha lol

Great color combo! Love it

This was the first palette I owned by UD. And I fell in love with it since day one! it was love at first swipe haha.... the color combination is amazing! very highly pigmented and and i love the shimmer they have. You can create so many looks with this palette its not even funny. You can do very soft looks, neutral, dramatic, colorful, edgy you name it its possible my favorite on here were griffter, last call, oil slick, and Mildew. I also loved polyester bride and smog but I already owned those so it wasnt new to me but the others were, so yeah this is a great palette! very fun to play with and believe me even if you were to use other eyeshadows you will always catch yourself grabbing this one out of your makeup box to add on haha trust me i do it all the time :)

happy with the price, buying some more for sure!

I own pink passion and tickled pink.. I love pink passion because one softly little swipe does the job I love to wear this when i wear very little makeup to make it pop.. and tickled pink is also a great color my only problem is that it doesnt show up to much on my skin so i have to do a few swipes to get it just right but i have known that on some people it does show up so it might just be cause its to close to my skin color (i naturally have pink cheeks) but i am satisfied with pink passion so i will for sure be trying out other colors too.. and for $3! not bad at all :)

Amazing! cannot wait to buy some more! :)

I own great pink planet and I am expecting any day now to get in the mail beautiful rocket. Great pink planet has become my favorite pink lipstick! for months i had been searching for just the right matte pink lipstick for me, i wanted something bright but matte but not to fushia haha idk its a weird description but its as if Lime Crime read my mind haha... their lipsticks last all day and look so great on all skin colors, they are very highly pigmented and smooth. And of course the packaging is so cute ^_^ beautiful rocket is orangy lipstick that i will be receiving soon i cannot wait... so yeah these lipsticks are so great i do recommend to try them out if you are in to bright and out there lipsticks

for $1 not bad at all!!!

Love this primer. Now I wouldnt say its like omg the best tossing my UDPP haha but its surprisingly very good for its price and quality. I use it for those days that I know im not gonna be wearing makeup all day or just when im practicing makeup on myself or others. Keep in mind i do have super oily eyelids so thats my reason for not substituting it over my UDPP. But I do like it and I like the texture to it how it dries very quickly (on me) and yeah try it out why not its just a buck so nothing to sit here and think about haha its great youll like it :)

Love them!

I have never used cream blush because i am kinda oily so i have always been afraid of them but I bought 2 of these at IMATS LA and i am so glad i did because they work amazing! I got them in Natural and Glow. I love how smooth they go on and when blended right they look really nice i like to use a little bit of bronzer over them or blend powder blush over them. they are very affordable and also great to wear when having those days when you just wanna wear very little makeup

Same as Double Wear by Estee Lauder

I had been wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear for year and when I ran out of my first bottle I was a little sad cause they no longer sell it by wear I live so I was told by a friend to try the Revlon color stay. At first i was a little iffy about doing that cause it is a big change going from department store makeup to drugstore makeup (usually its the other way around haha) so I gave it a try and I loved it! I have been using it now for the past 6 months and I must say it works just as well as Estee Lauders Double Wear, I have oily skin so i buy the one thats oil free or for oily skin. It has great coverage and a little goes a long way and it does last a pretty long time almost all day. I love it and hopefully this review can be helpful to anyone looking in to buying it or trying it out as a substitute for double wear by estee lauder

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