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Almost Perfect

OK, so this lipstick is one of my favorites for many reasons, it's easy to apply, it looks good, and you don't need much. But what I dislike about it is that it makes my lips feel dry. Other than that it's great.

My Favorite Liner

I got this yesterday at sephora for free, technically I used some credits for it. I put it on in the mall bathroom to touch up my previous eyeliner, it was so black and it dried fast! it wasn't until later when I realized that it was hard to get off.

The only reason why I give this 4 stars is that it dries stantaneously and if you mess up, it's super hard to get it off. Other than that it's by far my absolute favorite eyeliner.


This brush was nice! I use it to apply blush and it gives off a nice amount of color to my cheeks without getting rough. Blends well and doesn't ruin other makeup! Good brush? Yes! One thing I need to complain about, needs to be washed often because the color gets built up.

Amazing eyeshadow Pallet!

I got mine a few days ago. I can already say that this is the highest quality eyeshadow pallet I have even owned.

The brush it comes with I started using and it was extremely easy to apply, and to color showed up fully. The best natural pallet you can get.

You can create multiple looks with the 12 colored pallet. From smokey eyes to a natural brown or a beautiful glow. Amazing pallet.

The colors are beautiful and go from a light tan to a black. With browns and tans.

Very easy to blend and easy to create amazing looks. I definitely love this most for this part. It's so easy to create the most elegant and natural looks.

It cost 50$. Totally worth it.

Best primer out there!

I absolutely am in love with this primer, I use it sparingly, you only need a dot per eye and it can last you months! It is the best primer I have ever owned. Keeps eyeshadow and eyeliner on for hours! Would rate 10!

Pretty good, some things though..

I think this product is okay, it could be better, for me I like natural products, this is perfect, but it has light coverage. I like full coverage because I have a natural red face. I need to use my tone corrector to even out my tone.

One thing I love about it is that it's super easy to blend, and it blends well. If you find a match for your skin, it will seem paler until you blend. I use a small eyeshadow brush (not used for eyeshadow) and dap the foundation on the spots I need so I dot have full face coverage. It works well for a natural look.

Overall a pretty good product, I might buy it again.

It was nice!

I loved this product. But the one downside is an upside! There is not much pigment so it's perfect for natural looks to go to school but still add Color!

No words.

I absolutely would DIE if I hadn't have found this! Would give 6stars. But no choice for that! Absolutely vibrant and beautiful! Worth every dollar! I recommend this to any girl with an eye for lipstick. 5/5 definitely in favorites.

Worth every penny!

This concealer has amazing coverage and is very moisturizing! I am only using it on special occasions because its just to amazing. I am using a different foundation but this lived up to its promise!

With this much Cake I can open a bakery!

Do not like. It was really caked and looked like I opened a bakery on my face. May use for Halloween purposes, Made me break out, disappointed. But when it comes to color, it was a perfect match, I suggest not using this product unless your going to a costume party.

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