Pro Longwear Concealer


Hannah E.
Decent for Theatre but Terrible for Daily Use

this concealer is relatively successful at covering up blemishes or discoloration in the sense that it covers up most of the color but I can't seem to make it look "natural". It looks pretty good from far away but unless you're okay with looking like cake-face, I'd avoid talking to anyone face-to-face. This concealer needs to be on moisturized (but not too oily) skin and if applied on any dry areas, it patches like crazy. Also, if you use too much or not enough, regardless of setting it, I find it to crease on my under eye fine lines when concealing my dark circles and it actually accentuates the area. It works really well as an eyeshadow primer because it makes the lid area a uniform color before layering on color. However, I'd prefer to use maybe Urban Decay Eden Primer potion because it has the same coverage and you don't need to powder to prevent creasing. I do know of a few friends who are very successful in their use of MAC Pro Longer Concealer (on some of them it looks natural), but I do have to warn people that MAC is a Theater/Stage Makeup brand. This means that the things that they put in their face makeup is not to be used for daily wear because it is too thick and heavy to allow pores to breathe as much as they need to. Overall, since I am happy with the effect it has on concealing from a distance, I will use this during my theatre performances and when I have a zit that is too high maintenance for a regular, healthy concealer, I cannot recommend to anyone who prefers to keep happy, young pores and a natural-looking face.

Rachel H.
Perfect concealer

Absolutely amazing!!!! You could put this stuff on all day and it would never look cakey while it covers everything a stays all day!! I have recommended this to all of my friends and I'm on my 6th bottle. Only thing that sucks is that it's very difficult to get less then what it pumps out, But that's also a very sanity design

Sabrina T.
Worth every penny!

This concealer has amazing coverage and is very moisturizing! I am only using it on special occasions because its just to amazing. I am using a different foundation but this lived up to its promise!

Ms L.
Best under-eye concealer!!

I absolutely love this concealer. I use it under my eyes and set it with Ben Nye banana powder. I am NC 42 and use concealer shades NC35 for everyday and NC30 when I want more of a highlight and brightening. It goes on smoothly and does not crease at all. Also great coverage! I absolutely recommend this concealer.

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Anna H.
It is great! But..

I like this concelear, but I feel that one pump of the product is too much for me, and sometimes I feel like it's too much under my eyes. Another thing I noticed is that the colour gets darker after a while, and I was very dissapointed because the shopassistant that selled me the concelear tried on my skin the NC30 and looked graeat then, when probalby should try the NC20, because now my undereyes look sometimes darker than my fundation..

Nicole A.

this is yet another wonderful product from mac, I used to use mineralize concealer but they discontinued my shade. This is a very long wearing product no creasing no oxidation and even brightens the skin I love it

Mizz Fancy D.

This Concealer gives full coverage and brightens my under eyes. Doesn't crease, slide or cake up. Long lasting and I use this on all my clients. A little goes a long way just be careful when pushing the pump it does distribute allot of product.

Melissa L.

Best product ever I love it so much I use it everyday when I put on makeup I'm so going for more when I'm done with it Doesn't crease

Tamara T.
Best concealer I've used!

After hearing so much hype about Pro Longwear, I decided to try it for myself. This is the best concealer I have ever used. I have fine lines under my eyes and most concealers tend to sink into the lines and accentuate them. Not Pro Longwear! This stuff does bot crease at all.

My undereyes are also quite dry and this doesn't accentuate that either like other concealers. I am so glad I tried this! I will definitely continue to use this until they stop selling it (hopefully that never happens).

Beth M.

I think this concealer works great. It doesn't crease under my eyes and it takes away any darkness. I have super dry skin and this works well for me.