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Beauty Product Reviews

I use this product everyday on my real hair and my hair extensions. I love the way it smells :D It makes my hair super soft. When using this product on my extensions I concentrate on the ends and it makes them very soft and it keeps them looking and feeling healthy. I picked up this product because of the price and I liked the smell so far so good!

I love love love love this! If you are looking for THE BEST black eyeliner you should purchase this product. I believe that this eyeliner is a million times better than UD zero. It is true black color and it is so pigmented. I use this to line my tightline and waterline and it stays in place, doesn't fade, and it doesn't smear. I would def recommed this product... so if you don't have it you should go out and get it :D

If you have oily skin like me stay away from this.... LOL I first tried this product 3 months ago and I loved how it applied on my face. It was very smooth and easy to blend and I felt that the color matched my skin perfectly. About 2 hours later my face was so oily you could literally fry food on it.

I picked this up about a month ago at Sephora and I just bought the little bottle (I think it was like $10) to help with my make. I do feel that this product helped keep my make up in place. I didn't feel like it smeared or smudged so that was a plus. I thought this would also help with my oily skin but it didn't.

I use this eyeline everyday and I have to say that I love it. I use the black color and because of this product I feel I have perfected my winged liner. It is very pigmented and it seriously lasts all day long. It is so long lasting that I have to use make up remover before I wash my face to get it all off. This stuff is amazing :)

I FREAKING love this stuff! I have been using it well over 3 years :) I use it everyday as I flat iron my hair. I also have been using this on my extensions and it works great. I love that it very affordable and it keeps my hair super healthy

I have two of the Nars Blushes in Deep Throat and Orgasm and I love both of them to pieces. I really like the blushes as they are very pigmented and they are very easy to blend and they play nicely with other brands of blushes as I usually will use two different blush colors on my cheek. Can't wait to buy some more!!!!

I first tried this mascara when it first came out and I didn't like it. I am not sure if the one I got was defective because the brush was missing alot of brissles. I didn't care too much for the formula as throughout the day it would flake off of my lashes and get on my face. I haven't tried it since... I really tried to force myself to like it because of all the hype but it was a miss for me.

I absolutley love these! I would recommend to first try the Milk and the Black Bean as they work great when used under an eyeshadow or loose pigments. I use Milk when using bright eyeshadows as it makes the colors pop! I use the Black Bean when I am doing dark smokey eyes. This is an awsome product and should be a part of everyones make up collection :D