Hair Insurance Leave-in conditioner


Bianca I.
Wonderful !

I use this product every day! It's part of my daily hair routine! A few squirts to your ends and you can be done! It smells wonderful and leaves your hair wonderfully soft.

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Winter P.
YAY!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! <3

Smells amazing <3 I can't even describe it you have to see for your self!!!!! It made my hair sooo sooo soft and shiny and healthy I won't ever stop buying this product loves it :D

Hannah J.
Perfect for your ends!

I use this on my hair every time I take a shower! Its nice to feel like I'm being proactive about split ends. It also smells wonderful. It also helps weigh down my giant thick hair! It helps me go natural.

Raya A.

i always use this everytime im done taking a shower, and i've really noticed a big difference on my hair and how it became a little bit straighter and managable. I would definitely put this in my hair care routine! <3

Christina K.
Great Product

I use this product every day after my shower .It's part of my daily hair routine. I spray a few squirts on my hair while its damp, I spray it all over except my roots. It gets out all my tangles, make my hair smooth & smells reallly good!

Ember E.
couldnt live without.!

i use this stuff everyday after i get out of the shower and smells amazing (if you like coconut/tropical scents) and it detangles while adding moisture to your hair. if i go one day without using it i can feel a difference (a bad one) buy this product.!

Holly C.

I just started using this and I love it.. I have coarse thick hair and it leaves my hair smooth and it smells great..I also used it in my 3yr olds hair ( she has fine curly hair) and it knocks the tangles right out!

Amelia R.

This stuff is the reason my hair has grown so much. I used to have a lot of spilt ends just because my hair is really fine and easily damaged, and then I started using this. I use it after every shower and when my hair feels particularly dry. I would recommend not using this unless your hair is damp. It works really well and smells divine!

Cassie C.

I love Aussie Hair Insurance! I've been using it since I was 8. It has detangled every knot that I can ever remember having. It's cheap, smells amazing, and works great! I highly recommend this product to everyone.

Gaby M.
Must Have Product

This product is amazing! You can't beat the price.It leaves my hair so soft and shiny plus it smells amazing. This has been my favorite product of the year! I recommend it to anyone.