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My go-to product for a natural look that helps fight my blemishes. I apply with a brush and it the coverage actually surprised me! So much better than the other BB cream and not dewy.


I'm surprised more people don't talk about these brushes. I asked a woman at Sephora about real techniques brushes and she gave them a not so good review, but I wasn't convinced. I had to try. I own one other high end brush- the Sigma F80, and honestly these brushes are better at applying and blending foundation and are also softer. I use these every single day along with the real techniques complexion sponge, and I can't imagine using anything else for my foundation dude. Like really. This is the bees knees.

Pure Silicone

I can't handle primers that feel like you're smearing greasy silicone all over your face, and that's exactly how I felt using this.

Now I love smashbox's blue moisturizing primer, but this one just made my foundation feel heavy and broke up the product on my face. Bleh.

This lip product is extremely easy to apply, almost fool proof. I love that the doe foot applicator allows you to not have to use a lip brush.

What I also like is that you can squeeze enough product for a sheer wash of color on the lips that looks a little glossy and natural, or you can layer it to be completely opaque. Also, if the glossiness is too much for you, blotting with a tissue works great, especially for long wear/staining power. I am quite impressed with this product and love the vibrancy of the violet color!

Great for Color Correcting

Honestly, I use this to make my lids all one color. I don't really like using concealer on my eyes, because it can look heavy, but I think of this as my perfect eyelid concealer... I mean, it does work pretty well at keeping my shadows on, but I don't really have oily lids or anything so that's not necessarily a concern of mine. I wouldn't really say that this makes shadows more vibrant, but once again, I love using this before shadows to neutralize any icky tones or veins before eyeshadow.

Pretty Great

This mascara is going to work great on you if you have long, sparse lashes. I have Spongebob eyelashes (super long, but I have like... 3, okrr) and this is perfect for catching each one and really adding volume. It's more of a "fluffy" type look, rather than a super lengthening formula. Soooo if you're more about length and separation, go for They're Real. But I still love this one. I love them both equally... In different ways.

This is the best for special occassions. I use it during performances (dancing etc) and it lasts super well. For every day use, it can be a little bit heavy, but I have a lot of acne scarring and redness and it's perfect for masking all of it. I will say, it's heavy. But that honestly doesn't bother me. I love full coverage and I don't mind wearing a lot if it makes me look even :) I looooove this foundation. Apply with a sponge or brush lightly if worried about "cakey"application.

-This mask is perfect to use as night if you want your skin to be moisturized the next morning

-also great for a morning or afternoon pick me up for your skin: it feels fresh, tightens my pores, and leaves my skin feeling super soft

-helps calm my acne or any redness on my face

The only reason why this gets 4 stars and not five is because of the very slight residue it leaves on my face: it's nothing extreme and nothing noticeable visually, i can just feel it. It will not stop me from repurchasing :)


This was the driest eyeliner I've ever used, it drags, it smears, it does that awkward dry erase marker effect where if you go over the same line twice it erases itself- its just all around bad. I've given it more than one try, too. Not a fan.

Doesn't help my lips. Feels awkward on them. Smells good but only for like, five seconds. Always breaks, melts, or my dog eats it. The idea of this is so cute and convenient but the product itself is such a letdown for me.

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