BB Seaweed


Kira-louise S.

My skin needed some rescuing so went to my local lush and found this! I wasn't sure what to expect and doesn't help the fact I'm petrified of seaweed! (LOL!) but after getting over my fear and tightly closing my eyes I slapped some on and ... MY SKIN FELT AND LOOKED AMAZING! I also use it on dry patches on my skin ie my knees and elbows. The smell is really nice too: I will never use anything on my face which smells horrible/nasty but this is a nice pleasant smell.

eyTARA x.
My favourite lush mask!

I've tried many of the Fresh Face masks from Lush, and they were all good... but once I tried BB Seaweed there is no going back! I look forward to using this once a week, it makes my skin soft, radiant, and reduces redness.

Alana  A.
Amazing all in 1 go to mask for all skin types

Reduces redness, shrinks pimps and pores-

LOVE THIS MASK, smells like lavender and earthyness and is way chunky to glop on your face,..but I love it for all its attributes... I have blotchy wacky iffy skin and it always makes me look better and my make up go on smoother <3

this is probably my favorite fresh face mask from LUSH, it smells wonderful, makes my face feel wonderful, it's just wonderful. what else can you say? fantastic for my complexion. soothing and rejuvenating. it's great!

Sophie S.

-This mask is perfect to use as night if you want your skin to be moisturized the next morning

-also great for a morning or afternoon pick me up for your skin: it feels fresh, tightens my pores, and leaves my skin feeling super soft

-helps calm my acne or any redness on my face

The only reason why this gets 4 stars and not five is because of the very slight residue it leaves on my face: it's nothing extreme and nothing noticeable visually, i can just feel it. It will not stop me from repurchasing :)