Beauty Product Reviews

Really good!

I have used this for ages now. I have really sensitive skin and these wipes do not give a burning sensation to my skin. They take off most of my make up but I use another make remover to take my mascara off as it doesn't really take mine off. All in all I would recommend it to anyone!!!! :)

I really like this xx

I live for the tea tree range- using this on a really bad spot did help but I prefer the blemish stick as it is easier to apply but I would definitely buy for the worse spots!!! xx

Love it!!

I use this along with the face wash, blemish stick and oil and my skin is the clearest it's ever been!!! I don't have oily or greasy skin and my number of spots has lowered Love it!! Would definitely buy! Xxxxx

Works a treat!!!

I use this wash twice daily and it had minimised oily and greasy skin and breakouts of spots!!! My skin looks clearer and I also use the tea tree blemish stick and oil!! It gives a refreshing smell and relaxes when used!! One of my favourite body shop products xxxx

Love this stuff!!

I wanted the bubblegum lip scrub for Christmas but ended up getting this one but I am sooo glad because it give a fresh zing to your lips buffs all the dry skin away and tastes irresistibly good!! Couldn't live without!! xx