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Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner


Alli Rose G.

I bought the Tea Trea Kit from Sephora. This came with. I couldn't figure out why my skin didn't feel so clean, acne free, and moisturized. Toners in general are bad for the skin because of the alcohol in it. I read the ingredient list on it after using half of it. There's CORNSTARCH in this! Yeah, the ingredient that feeds bacteria for acne! Not to mention the alcohol content. I use the remainder of this to take off hair dye that gets on my skin, that's how potent of a skin stripper it is. I just use the Tea Tree Gel Face Wash with a rag to work it into my skin. Other than menstrual related acne, my face is 95% clear.

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Anna D.
Love it!!

I use this along with the face wash, blemish stick and oil and my skin is the clearest it's ever been!!! I don't have oily or greasy skin and my number of spots has lowered Love it!! Would definitely buy! Xxxxx

Kaitlin W.

When I use this it drys out my skin due to the achol content it says it wipes away impurities and stuff but my skin ends up irritating and becoming red and puffy I guess it would work if you have oily skin. But definitely not for dry skin 😔

Jasmine H.
First time user

I love it - I bought it in a kit and my skin is really oily so it works wonders for my skin, it feels so smooth and soft and I've only used it for a short time but I can imagine my skin will be a lot healthier

Amber M.
Always Forgot To Shake.

I use this a lot during the summer and I found it worked quite well as long as I didn't use too much because if I did, it would dry out my skin just a little. Heads up I have dry acne so, it's a tough skin type to cater for.

I like this product a lot and it's definitely felt fresh on the skin. However, quite often I'd forget to shake it up so that the kinda powdery stuff and the liquid would mix together.

Clover H.
Worst toner ever

I bought this because it said suitable for blemished skin, and I was having a few break outs at the time so I thought this would be nice, plus it's cheaper than the regular toner so I thought just give it a shot. When applied on to my face, there's this burning and stinging feeling, and heat all over my face! Horrible experience! I thought it's because my skin condition is not good so I give it a try just now, a few months after the initial purchase. IT STILL HURTS!.... Would never buy or recommend to anyone...