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Tea Tree Oil


Sammi W. Team
Pimple soother and shrinker without embarrassing yourself

This stuff is just an easy spot-treatment product that you can apply day or night, throughout the day. Even if it doesn't work necessarily as well as my zit stickers or benzoyl peroxide, it smells better (might be kind of weird, but I think the lightly medicinal smell is nice!) and you don't have to walk around at home with a gross glob of zit lotion on your face.

I have three of these stashed away... one in my makeup bag, another in my travel bag, and the third in my gym bag.

Anna D.
I really like this xx

I live for the tea tree range- using this on a really bad spot did help but I prefer the blemish stick as it is easier to apply but I would definitely buy for the worse spots!!! xx

peppy g.
not a miracle worker, but i like it anyway...

i've been using this since 2006-2007 when a classmate of mine told me how it got rid of all her acne, and i've been repurchasing it since. i think it's good for spot treatment and it's nice to have something made of tea tree oil since i use Clinique (chemicals) for the rest of my acne treatment. not a miracle worker, but effective enough, and i think it's pretty mild/gentle.

i would have given this a full four stars, but i HATE the packaging. it's been the same since 2006-ish and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who has issues with the packaging. it's so hard to get product out of the bottle (i'm not talking about the child-lock, i know how to open a child-lock). that thingamajig on the bottle. what on EARTH is that? you can't even tell where the product leaks out from the bottle. i normally stick a q-tip on the opening and let it soak in the product (if nothing comes out of it, i shake it a bit). even worst, some days, nothing will come out of the designated hole where the product's supposed to come out from, and yet, it leaks from another source. i'd be sticking the q-tip on the opening, and then a significant amount of the oil will just start leaking (not in drips, LEAKS) out of nowhere. then i tilt the bottle again and nothing comes out. i'm really confused! the bottle is so random. grrrrh! :<

then again, the entire tea tree oil range has weird packaging. i also have issues with the facial wash's bottle cap (broke on the second day i used it). i guess it's a good product: i see people rave about it online all the time, my friends swear by it, and Oriflame made a dupe of it (but then again Oriflame is always duping other products, everything from Biotherm Aquasource to TBS Nutragenics to YSL Touche Éclat to Guerlain Météorites to Maybelline Fruity Jelly). but seriously: the packaging is a nightmare.

there are some nights when i'm too tired to do anything but brush my teeth and wash my face before bed. and the packaging makes me want to skip the spot treatment and just go straight to bed. then the next day, i'll have a pimple. i hate how the packaging makes me NOT want to even have to deal with using it.

Paola G.
Doesn't work anymore

When I had a breakout overseas, I was so desperate that I immediately purchased it. Fortunately it worked but it took around 3 days to heal a few of my pimples. Since I had a pretty good experience, I bought 2 bottles when I found it on sale, however, it doesn't help clear my face anymore so I always have to resort to pimple injection.

Alli Rose G.
This is okay, not a miracle worker.

I don't think it has a high enough concentration content, only 15%. I use it and it takes about 4 days for it to remove a blemish. Even then, my pimples get infected. If they don't clear fast it's going to be over a week before it clears. I think this would work much better at about a 50% level. It also stings my face, especially when it's already irritated.

Clover H.
Doesn't really work ...

I bought it because the store said it's one of the best selling product, and I was suffering from a big acne on the nose at the time so was desperate to try anything... It's not irritating, feels quite safe, but I don't find it to be of any use at all... the spot is just still there no matter how much product I apply on it...I guess this only works on not so serious conditions.