Beauty Product Reviews

Great primer

I love this illuminating primer, it gives my skin an amazing glow, and does a great job with my foundation. lately I've been mixing it with the custom drops and its just the best mix.

  • G50


I am obsessed with this product, you can use it in conduction to any face cream, foundation, anything literally and you create a custom foundation and you get the coverage you want.


This is an amazing product its super durable and easy to remove any shadows out of. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to create their own palette of shadows or blushes. amazing.

Didn't work for me

I hated this concealer. It states that its for anti aging however it had a way of enhancing all my fine lines and creased like no other. I would pass on this.

Good Product

I do like this brow gel, however I find there is better ones out there. If your looking to tint your brows mainly this is the product for you. What I don't like so much it that it leaves my eyebrows hard and crispy looking. You have to be super light handed.


I have used other brow pencils (including the other brow one she makes) and nothing stays as good as this one. Its easy to apply and glides on. My favorite Brow product by far.

Best Cleanser

I love the Beauty Blender any really, I don't have a preference to the color. But this cleanser is the best. I love to use it of course on my beauty blender but also on my brushes. I does a great job at cleaning them. <3

Best thing ever created

I love this product. I prefer it to any brush. It does such a great job at blending and makes your application flawless. I like to use tit for foundation, conceler and cream contour or blush.. Love this


I love this one out of all the Glam Glow products. This leaves my skin super soft and feeling great. I love theta it removes all impurities. And like all their products it smells great. I can't see myself not using this.

Not so much...

I didn't really like this one of the glam glow bunch. I find that it stings on my face and kinda burns. I know its suppose to tingle but it just burns on me. I would def. pass on this.

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