Custom Cover Drops (Retired)

Foundation Will Never Be the Same

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops are the makeup magic that you have got to try. Mix it with just about anything for your own custom color and skin care product.

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Kylieraye C.
Not for me

I've tried this in multiple ways but no matter what it looks terrible kinda sad cause of all the good reviews but all well won't order again unless I find a better way to wear it

Iris J.
Not sure what to make of this product

The shade is all wrong according to what I saw on the screen. I am very fair in color, but this product made me look like I was disguising myself as a geisha. It's too expensive for me to try another color.

Stephanie D.
Probably Never Buying Foundation Again

I don't normally wear foundation or concealer, but I really love this product. I purchased the N90 previously, which proved to be a shade too light for my skin tone. The N100 is a perfect match, and works flawlessly mixed with/worn over any serums or moisturizers. These drops give a great natural matte finish; even my relatively dry skin doesn't feel parched when I'm wearing this product. As mentioned, they do have a great texture, but also mold really well with whatever else you're using them with. The amount of product is well-worth the price, as I see this entire bottle sticking with me through a couple months of light wear.

Needless to say, I'm a fan and will be purchasing again.

For reference: I wear NARS Sheer Glow in Benares and have normal/dry skin

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Daniel B.
Love this product

I use this to deepen my foundations during summer to match my tan. It does a great job, and it mixes really well with each of my foundations. Some alternatives can change the consistency of the foundations, this definitely doesn’t change them at all.

J S.
Sadly it didn’t work for me

I wanted to love this product so bad but it let’s me down each time. I’ve tied it with different moisturizers and with different face oils/serums, and the outcome is alway patchy, I find it clings to anything and everything! I don’t like it but I still TRY to work with it because it was a pricy product and I don’t want it to go to waste, but I’m definitely not a fan!

Kelsey  G.
Break outs!

The colour match was perfect, the formula was super high coverage. However I wouldn't recommend this for people with dry skin as it did appear quite patchy and didn't blended well over dry skin despite using a face oil. Also within 2 days of using this and no other new products, my face has broken out in small pimples and skin irritations. Unfortunately will not be repurchasing.

Jeanette G.
Love this stuff!

I so truly love the various options I have for these drops. On a lazy day, quick drops in my moisturizer. On days I want to glam it up, add some to my foundation or I can use it alone.

Serena C.
It came broken.

It came broken, I was still able to get some product out and put in another container. The coverage is amazing. I just had to be careful due to there being broken glass. Other then that I will just try to purchase in store.

Christina H.
An extra step I always forget

While this product definitely holds up to its claim, I always seem to forget it when applying makeup. No matter if I'm in a rush, or have all the time in the world, this product always seems to slip my mind! I honestly don't need too much coverage for foundation, but it do love it to change the color of my foundation -- a darker shade in the summer and lighter in the winter!

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Sarah S.
I'm conflicted.

I love this and also... don't. I love the finish I was left with. For once I didn't look cakey and actually looked like I had skin instead of paint layered on my face. I however felt like it wasn't true too what it said. 4 drops for full coverage? I had too at least use 8 too get it too full coverage. At four it was just still too sheen for me. I would have also liked it a shade lighter, but I'm one of those girls who has trouble finding almost white foundation... I like how my face looked though with this and the mixing acpect is fun as well. So it'll be fun to test out all the possibles that I can.