Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle Concealer


Rocy R.
Didn't work for me

I hated this concealer. It states that its for anti aging however it had a way of enhancing all my fine lines and creased like no other. I would pass on this.

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Christany J.
A bit on the orange side, but still a keeper for me!
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This concealer has a very peachy/orangey quality to it, so if you're not into that, I'd probably steer clear of it. I don't use it as my main concealer, but instead, use it as a corrector (it has replaced my Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach as an all-natural alternative), and then I use a little of my RMS Beauty Uncover Up to balance the peachy tones. It is very creamy, which I love, but I know not everyone is crazy about, and it's also not super opaque, so if your goal is heavy coverage, skip this product. Other than that, though, I love it, and will repurchase in future.

[in photo: Korres Quercetin & Oak Concealer on the left, Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach]

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Michelle B.

I've had this concealer for a few months now and I really do enjoy it. I decided to splurge on it because of its natural properties that most drugstore concealers don't have, and I also read that it is good for combination skin (which I have). It is extremely creamy and i found that it doesn't work well if you apply it with your fingers, but using a concealer brush it works wonders on almost any problem areas that I may have. It's not my favourite for under eye circles but this is probably because the shade i got is too light for under my eyes. I get frequent breakouts but I don't have cystic acne, so it covers my imperfections well. With that being said, if you have A LOT to cover up, it may get cakey. Overall I do like this product a lot, and I will most likely repurchase it (if I don't decide to experiment with other concealers).

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Kristen W.
Much Better Than I Thought

This was in a set that contained the matching primer and eye primer, it was on sale so I figured what the heck. This is one of the few natural products I can use without irritating my eczema. This concealer is very creamy and is actually moisturizing. It is easy to blend and also covers well. However, if you have a monstrous, red blemish, this would not be a concealer to use. But it works well for small blemishes, redness and slight dark circles.

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