SuperMud Clearing Treatment


Tasia G.
Shockingly good!
Photo of product included with review by Tasia G.

I was very skeptical about all the hype surrounding this mud mask, but I can definitely say that it’s one of the best results I’ve seen from a mask treatment. As you can see in my photo, you can actually see the spots where it’s pulling the impurities from your pores. I didn’t leave the mask on for very long (maybe about 8 minutes) & I’d say there was a noticeable difference in the size/clarity of my pores. I have terrible blackheads on my nose & chin area and of course they weren’t completely cleared, but I’m rather impressed. The best result, for me, was my skin appears so much brighter & more fresh looking than before. Overall, I’d say I’m happy with my first use experience. If you don’t have really bad blackheads though, it’s probably not going to be worth your money. I definitely recommend going to your local Sephora and getting a sample. You might be as surprised as I was!

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Kayla D.

Purchasing this mask was a huge mistake. Having read the reviews online, I figured it couldn't do any harm, but I was so wrong. After using this mask I have painful, clustered acne on my forehead and nose. I have never had acne in my life, except for the occasional pimple or two. This is the worst I have ever seen my skin. I also let my boyfriend use the mask who has gorgeous skin. He broke out as well. I am confused as to how this mask worked so well for others but not me.

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Jasmine C.

I have tremendous amounts of black heads for like ever. Many expect for this to magically do everything for them like make their black heads disappear. Yes this helps! The mask brings the black heads to the surface and opens up your pores drawing all the impurities to the surface hence why some people say they see it but can't really get it. This is when you go in and exfoliate or extract using pore strips or Tweezerman's no slip skin care tool. Also notice that this is a mask treatment not a cleanser. If you use it too much it isn't going to work anymore. Masks are meant to be used a few times a week. Gotta work for what you want right? ;)

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Kasie W.
A good mask

Although the GlamGlow Supermud mask did not help with my blackheads long term, I did like this product because immediately after using it my skin was always amazingly soft and clean feeling. It felt like getting a facial. I felt like it did do a good job of opening up pores and cleaning deep but I just have too many blackheads and they did get slightly better with this product but not 100% gone. I applied this mask to damp clean skin, focusing on my T-zone. I let the mask sit for 10-15 minutes until it got dry. you will start to see the mask zoning in on your pores. After that I would rinse it off and pat dry and moisturize.

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Frances C.
Skincare Necessity

This mask is a staple product in my skincare routine. I use it about once or twice a week to pamper my skin and give it a deep cleaning. I produce a tiny bit of oil around the edges of my nose, so I apply the product on that area to extract excess sebum and to unclog my pores. I also use it as a spot treatment for those random breakouts/blemishes and it works really well!

Ruby W.

This is the best pore-sucking, oil absorbing mask I have used. The name "glam glow" and cheesy packaging put me off it for the longest time, but when I celeberites actually using it on instagram, I wanted to try it myself. Clears up congested skin and sucks oil out. You can actually see the spots where the "crap" is being sucked out.

Rocy R.

I love this one out of all the Glam Glow products. This leaves my skin super soft and feeling great. I love theta it removes all impurities. And like all their products it smells great. I can't see myself not using this.

Freya P.

I first learned about Glam Glow here on Beautylish. I love facial masks & the reviews I read had me intrigued. With my 1st Beautylish order I included this little treasure & thus started my love of the full Glam Glow line of facial masks. I'm the proud owner & user of all 4 of the Glam Glow masks but since I purchased this one & the little sexy mask here on Beautylish I'll only give my opinion of those 2 (the hydrating mask - blue jar - & the mud to oil emulsifying mask - green jar - were purchased at Sephora since they weren't yet available here on Beautylish at the time). I've always had very normal, clear skin that's gotten me many compliments over the years but as I'm getting older my skin is changing. My once normal skin now gets oily in the t-zone & blackheads have made an unwanted appearance on my nose, chin & forehead. I know not to pick at them (even tho & really, really want to) so I knew it was time to step up my skin care game. I tried the infamous blackhead strips to no avail & tried everything from new face washes, masks, herbal steaming, serums, etc with little to no improvement. Then I found Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment & holy cow!!! GAME CHANGER!!! When I received my Beautylish order I was most excited to try this bad boy out so I first took a long hot shower, washed & patted my face dry & then applied this mask. It started to tingle slightly which I like bc to me that means it's working. As it dried I noticed that I can actually see it working, sucking those nasty blackheads out of my trouble zones. Once dry I rinsed my face & again patted it dry. I looked in the mirror & lo & behold I noticed an extreme improvement in my skin! My pores shrunk to almost nothing & most of the blackheads were gone! My skin looked healthy & glowing. So much so that I didn't even realize how dull my skin had become. Once I rinsed off the mask, dried my face & admired my skin in the mirror for about 10 minutes I continued with my usual skin care routine, serum & moisturizer. I used this mask all over my face again the following week & whatever blackheads were left over were taken care of this time around. I couldn't be happier with the results! Now I use this mask once or twice a month & I use the little sexy (in the black jar) once weekly. I also use the one in the green jar once or twice a week (whenever I have a heavy makeup day) & since it's winter time the hydrating mask in the blue jar has also popped up in my skin care repertoire. In my opinion the bast way to use this mask is to use it once a week until your skin is clear & then once a month to maintain (or twice monthly if your skin produces a lot of blackheads). Once your skin is clear & you're satisfied with the way it looks u don't have to waste product by putting it all over your face. U can put it on your t-zone only or where u need it most. & then use the one in the black jar on a weekly basis. I highly recommend Glam Glow masks. They seriously changed the way I care for my skin.

Tina V.
Love it!

Helps clear up my skin. I use it all over or as spot treatment. I have pretty sensitive skin and I like it better then the original. I use it twice a week and with spots. Love it.

Tawni G.

All my life i have struggled with severe acne, so i figured i would give this a try as a spot treatment... IT WAS AMAZING. My face has cleared up significantly and it is literally the only product I've ever used that worked on my face. I hate how small the packaging is but a little goes a long way. It's easy to use up this product so use it wisely (: