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Feb 3, 2013

Jessie W.

just come across ur profile and ur beautiful!!! I love ur eye makeup! hope to be friends and following u:D 

Jan 28, 2013

Adiula A.


Jan 26, 2013

Tasnia C.

aaw no problem :)

Jan 26, 2013

Tasnia C.

aaaw your soooo sweet! thanks for the advice by the way. and yes your right I should wear whatever I think is ok for me. it was funny cuz I went out with my mum and her best friend and she was like "you look really nice today!!" when my mum came home she felt about insulting and said sorry xD by the way you look really pretty in yours pics. how old are you? btw i'm 16. pinks make me look like a clown cause they are too light for my skin :// 

Jan 27, 2013

Anna V.

Well Im REALLY glad that your mom apologized to you. Im sure that felt really nice :D And you see, what you're doing totally works with your style then if your moms friend also gave you a compliment :) Keep it up, there is always lots 2 learn though, and plenty of time to learn it, you're only 16! :) Oh and BTW I'm 25 :) Thanks for the compliments on my pics :) And really a Clown? I dont think it would make you look like one, there are MANY different shades. Maybe 1 day U otta try it. See what OTHERS may also think of it :) make sure you post pics if you do! :)

Jan 26, 2013

jeanie h.

Hi Anna! Owing to your advice, i can reserve confidence about my self. Thank uuuu :b

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Anna V.

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Am now 29 Years Old. Started this account 4 years ago. I enjoy beauty products and love seeing others talents.

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