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Aug 11, 2015

Michelle S.

Aww! You're way too sweet! I didn't even realize you left me a comment on my page. Definitely would have responded sooner. Sometimes this app drives me crazy.
Next time I log into Hearthstone, I'll add you. I need more people to play with. I've been getting pretty tired of my boyfriend crushing me constantly! Just take it easy on me, I'm a newbie :)
I'm also on ps4 and I play a lot of shooter games. Mainly Destiny, but I also love Borderlands. Let me know what system you're on

Aug 3, 2015

T K.

Bonnie you are too sweet! And look at you! You are gorgeous!! And thank you for the kind words :) I wish I could draw like you! You are absolutely talented, my quick sketches are stick figures, yours are real works of art! 

Apr 22, 2015

Ella M.

Thanks gorgeous!

Jan 29, 2015

Erin L.

Thank you so much 😊that means a lot beautiful 😘

Your design is badass!!I will use this n thanks so much is better than I could ever dreamed up.I'm going to show my ex hell love ut.thank you!!:)))))))

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Bonnie W.

How many people will you impress if the world went blind?

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