Beauty Product Reviews

A favorite 😍

I remember seeing this shade when it was just available in the palette around a year ago! I was disappointed that I couldn't get just the one shade. But apparently I wasn't the only one who adored the highlighters in last year's palettes because Benefit then released them as singles maybe a month or two later. I was hyped! Since I couldn't afford both shades I grabbed this one first because I was and still am obsessed! It is definitely one of the best highlighters I've come across and loved this much. Cookie is amazing too!!!!!

Beautiful as expected! 😍💯

I knew they would be everything and more the moment I was informed of their release. The variety of shades is unique to her ever growing brand. I prefer to simply use my finger for most of the shades. There is plenty of room to play in whichever way you choose!

The best lip gloss EVER!

I am not usually one to like lip glosses because they are alot of the time, sticky, and uncomfortable on the lips. But this one.... Oh this one had me at hello. This is by far the best lip gloss I have ever come across. When I first tried it I was amazed by the texture and comfortable wear of it. Not to mention it smells great too! I ended up using this one regularly and I am happy to see that they are now available on Beautylish! I will be buying every shade! Highly recommend it!

I absolutely love it!

I initially imagined it to be big and bulky but it's not at all that way! It is perfect! I am much more interested in cool toned palettes than warm. So this one drew me right into it! I'm still getting the hang of some of the shades and how to use them best but I am so happy to finally have this! Thankyou beautylish!


Like every other JS liquid lipstick I have worn, its incredible! I can wear it through anything , anytime, and it still looks great! I really am liking Scandal, it has sparkles in it which is a neat added effect and no its not gritty because of the sparkles, its velvety smooth! I definitely want to get a few more of the new shades! I recommend!

Nice palette!

I really like the colorful summer vibes of this palette! They are very pigmented and blendable and a little goes a long way. The shimmers are amazing as well! This is a new thing I've never myself seen in a palette before. I like that JS did something new and different. The shimmers are soooo buttery and they're not messy whatsoever. I definitely recommend using your finger to apply the shimmers too. I feel like it's easier to pick up more pigment from them. Thirsty palette is worth a try.

Oh my VISEART!!!

This is my first ever viseart palette and certainly not my last! I never loved mattes as much as metallics etc. But these mattes are AMAZING! They go on so well and are so smooth and easy to work with! The metallics/shimmers/glimmer are also Amazing! So blendable and WORTH it!

I love it!!

I love everything about this palette! At first I was confused about the metallics but then I realized that you just have to dig into them ! It's like using Natasha's Chroma crystals that are in those little pots. Once you get through that top layer don't be afraid to 'ruin ' the shadows appearance like it's brand new. Just get in there and have fun with it! I remember trying mint frost alone on my eye and it gave this cooling sensation as I swept it across my lids! And the mattes..cant forget about the mattes! They are so soft and blendable and how I wish most other mattes could be instead of feeling like I'm rubbing dry powder onto my eyelids. Natasha, these mattes are the best! (A big thing about me with makeup is when it comes to matte eyeshadows , I have zero enthusiasm nor interest in them. I always go straight for the metallics, duo-chromes, liquid eyeshadow, etc. . I'm excited to see what Natasha cooks up in the future! We now have the sunset, the tropic, the star, lila, the 28's, and all else. I'm excited for what's here now and what's to come!


This is by far the best of the best! It's my favorite palette of Natasha's ! I love purple also so that made it a sealed deal! Also great customer service and the split payments are really helpful! I love it!!


I finally recieved The actual Lila palette. I had been thinking for weeks I had the real deal when I decided to buy one off mercari. Didnt take long to figure out but I thought it would take me forever to get the real one until I came upon Beautylish and found out about the split up payments! Thankyou so much Katja!! If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have recieved this overnight!! Great shipping! I'm just all over pleased. I highly recommend this site and if your into purples you will love lila!! The textures and shades are a dream!!!