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Love Palette + Love Glow Cheek Palette Bundle

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Junghwan H.
pretty but..
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The blusher palette is so pretty! But it fell off as soon as I got it. I feel kind of bad. I like eye palettes because they're wearable. It blends well, but glitter shadow wasn't that special.

Gaia F.

I purchased these items many months ago, and I cannot put them down since then. Each shade in the palettes is pigmented, blendable and buildable, didn't have problems with any. Even the cream-to-powder formula, which many people do not enjoy, is fine and very appreciable in my opinion! The cheek palette is stunning as well, let alone the packaging that is stunning, the products inside are top notch, and I cannot recommend these more!

Dina T.
Surprising yet I enjoy it

Initially i’m a bit sceptical about the eyeshadow since i’m more to ‘neutral’ colors. This is my second ND palette (1st is the glam palette which i really adore). But since this love palette comes in special bundling price with the blush palette so i thought, why not. And i have to say i enjoy it and been playing with it quite few times trying new color combination. Never thought pink and gold would look so good and wearable!! However i’m a bit disappointed with the blush. Lots of glitter esp the pink color. Not wearable at all. I can still use the glossy blush and the peach color. And the highlighter a bit too dark for me. So 2.5 out of 4 products. If it’s not under special price, it’s such a waste

Miriam G.
No the best of ND but it’s good

If I compare this eyeshadow palette with any other palette from ND yes it’s not that good but the colors are nice and they look pretty but they need help from a good primer but the blush palette is so beautiful and it works amazing.

Tara M.
Love this set!!

I had been eyeing this for a while, then thank the heavens it went on sale!! I LOVE the shadows.. they blend well, and the reds are VERY wearable. It's a color story I love to wear, year round, and can see myself being able to use just this palette, so it's well rounded!

Love, love, love the face palette, yes, definitely for the packaging, but her formula is very unique, and very fun to play with! Love the diamond powder, and the pink blush... The good was a strange shade of it this color story.. at least the highlight in the mini collection had a pink shift. The price point is up there, but the face palette is limited, so don't wait too long!! You don't want to mess up!

Cherie C.
Love the shadow

The shadow is gorgeous!, but the blush shimmers end up getting all over my face. Even with primer I had sparkles all over my face within 30 minutes.. other than that I would say the palette is definitely worth it.

Angela  M.
Don’t waste your money.
Photo of product included with review by Angela  M.

First time swatching these shades and the mattes were super crumbly and patchy when applying. I thought maybe a primer would help and it didn’t. Totally disappointed considering it’s ND but I guess with the price point she might’ve gone cheap with some ingredients. Her other more expensive palettes are amazing tho. Gave it two stars because the other shades swatched amazing but this is not worth the price. Cheek palette was amazing with only one shade turning into a glitter bomb. If you’re into that then this is for you.

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Kay J.
Love love love this palette

This is my first Natasha Denona palette. I’ve heard wonderful things about the formula but I was afraid due to the price tag, but once I got it I realized it was totally worth it. The palette is a beautiful color story, the colors blend well and the formula is silky with little fall out. Removed a star just for the Love Glow Cheek palette- it was just meh. Half the colors don’t even show up on my skin tone and I just expected more. Totally worth the money, very happy with this purchase

Nicole C.
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I am in love with this eye and face pallete. The colors are beautiful. Everything blends lovely. The packaging is gorgeous. It shipped super fast. It was boxed up so well. Very happy with the products and beautylish. I will definitely purchase Natasha Denona products again and will absolutely order off Beautylish again

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Melissa M.

I own alot of pallets when I seen this one I fell in love how can you not it's a love pallet lol ..this packaging is diffrent then. Her others its almost like tin I love this..the shades for me did not saatch well but I only judge a shadow on how it applies to my eye balls ..I enjoy this have not been able to put it down ..I wish there was more of a lighter shade for my brow bone the lightest shade in pallet pulls pink makes sense however I am so glad I got this you can go pretty and pink or dark and purple with a grungy look price as well the cheek pallet when i got it in the mail the pink shade second row first one was lifted almost like it was not pressed down ...i have a little bit of texture i am almost 40 for some reason this just made it all stand out i hope she does one of these with just the blush aspects that formula I enjoy it's always the bottom two that I have issues with I also own the bloom same issue texture ..the packaging I think most everyone will agree this packaging is absolutely beautiful but I did pass this on to my sister she loves it I didnt hate it at all just didnt want to have it sit there when I know someone would use all four ....overall natasha's shadows are truly a pleasure to work with

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