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Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Thirsty Eyeshadow Palette


Torrie A.
Pretty Disappointed..But I'll live
Torrie A.'s Review Image

This was my first jeffree cosmetics purchase and I must say Im quite disappointed. My palette arrived in pretty rough shape. It had quite a bit of fallout and one of the shades(drizzle) was broken/split but I just pressed it back together and wiped it. No problemo! Now, my true disappointment came from the fact that the colors I was excited for most (submerge and splash) are SO patchy. I tried doing a look for a beach party and had to wipe it away because it just wasnt working with me. Now I realize Im darker( Lancome Teint Idole 460) but I did use a white base and a light MAC paint pot, so please dont say I didnt give it a fair shot. I even played with them without the white base and with other primers... no luck.. Im afraid they are just patchy...I I havent played with the other shades really but the metallics are really gorgeous and VERY glittery. I suggest a glitter primer or there will be glitter all over your pretty face. Lol The pictures might not look that patchy but trust me that was at its best and in person it was just...not good and faded over time to nothing.

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Quintina M.

I’ll start by saying I love JS products but this palette is the WORST. The mattes are pretty swatched but they just blend away, if they show up at all. The glitters are chunky and just scratch the crap out of my lids and then fall off. This was terribly formulated. I hope I just got a bad one and not everyone had this experience.

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Haley K.

I’m so disappointed in this pallet! SAVE YOUR MONEY! I have everyone of Jeffree starts pallets they are by far my favorite! I can not express how much I HATE this pallet. The glitters blend right off! the shadows are not buttery like the other pallets. NO NO NO! I’m so disappointed. Im going to keep it because I have them all but I would not recommend it to anyone. Im so sad 😭

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Eleanor C.
The formula though!!
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I am obsessed with this palette. I’ve never bought from Jeffree Star cosmetics before. I was worried the quality would be wack. But I like this palette. I like the fact it comes with a good size mirror. The pans are a good size I dislike small pans. And the formula is amazing. So pigmented, I would recommend this to anyone.

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Niko T.

Woof. Let's start out by stating this is my first JStar pallet, and it did NOT disappoint. I'm a HUGE lover of his liquid lips formula and his highlighters, most of his products are of high quality and are very worthy of the price tag. I also do love someone who is EXTRA <3

First impressions: This packaging is BEAUTIFUL. Being in the print industry I very much value packaging and brands who appreciate and put time and effort into a great design are my favorite! Jeffree has demonstrated time and time again he's very hands on with his brand and loves to add new pops of color, glitter, etc. This DOES raise my expectation on the product, if the packaging is this well thought out and beautiful, the product should match.

Opening the pallet: O.M.G I am shook. There is a rather thick sheet of plastic protecting the eyeshadows, and again, thanks JStar for quality. The colors are beautiful, the mirror is HUGE (love it) and everything looks beautiful

Pigmentation: I'd say the whole pallet is worth a 9.3 out of 10 ya'll! Some of the shades are to DIE for. Others you have to do quite a bit of layering to get them to adhere.

Blendability: These are incredibly easy to blend out. They melt into each other and truly are stunning. The formula isn't dry by any means, but it's also not as buttery smooth as lets say Natasha Denona mattes. Please read this right: His new formula is BEYOND amazing.

Fallout: Minimal. If you're using a fluff blending brush it's expected to have more fallout and kickback than if you're using a more condensed and packed brush. Having said that, I was AMAZED at how little fallout there was. <3

The middle row: METALLIC CITY CENTRAL YES PLEASE. I loved every single one. I did have to use fix + (elf's mist and spray works as well), but these are SO beautiful on the lid. What I LOVED is how much pigment, sparkle, and shine these had! It was like wearing a glitter lid but without the weight or grit. They also flawlessly blend into each other.

Concluding thoughts: I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS pallet just for the middle row <3

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Honii B.
Pigmented and last ALL day⭐️⭐️⭐️
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This is my first JS pallet.. I have purchased tons of his liquid lipsticks which I love but this pallet far exceeded my expectations.. the shades are gorgeous and you can create a very subtle glam look to a more vibrant night look. I definitely recommend this pallet 👍⭐️

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Catherine I.
Amazing Pigmentation!!

These colors are soooo pigmented and buttery!!! The metallics = OMG!!!! They are so reflective. You don't need a wet brush to apply them and there is virtually no fallout!! I highly recommend this palette!!

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Monét P.
So inlove

This is probably one of the best eyeshadow palettes that I’ve ever owned, and I have a lot! Top notch quality.

The formula of these shadows are perfect - they blend like a dream, have ZERO fallout or kick-up (in my experience,) and they aren’t powdery, dry, chalky, or patchy. I definitely swirled my brush into the pans and got it coated without any powdery kick-up or a mess on my bottom lids. They are silky smooth and the payoff is great.

I have a similair experience with hudas desert dusk palette, in the sense that I experience a buildable formula with great color payoff and virtually no fallout. But hudas formula is very dry and you can definitely tell, too.

The new metallics in this palette are great as well. Very reflective and glittery. You do get some fallout with those ones, and they feel a little gritty to the touch, but the payoff is STUNNING.

I’m extremely happy with my purchase, and I’m definitely impressed. 🤤

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Quaid D.
Quaid D.'s Review Image

This palette is beyond amazing, I love all the colors in this and how well they work with one another. The only problem I personally had was that there is glue between some of shades

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Denisha R.

Jeffrees formulas NEVER disappoint!!! And those metallics OHHHH MYYYYYY LANTAAAAAAAA !!! It’s stunning !

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