Beauty Product Reviews

Worth The Splurge

I bought this about a year ago and I must say it has been well worth the splurge. I have very fair skin and this acts as a beautiful bronze highlight. When I purchased it the makeup artist at Sephora suggested it as a bronzer. As fair and shimmery as this product is I personally cant recommend it as a bronzer but as a highlight it is STUNNING. The particles are finely milled so the shimmer is not stark or unnatural. This product is so universal that I not only use it as a blush or highlight but it makes a wonderful eyeshadow. The wash of color it gives combined with the sheen it gives, provides for a perfect neutral eyeshadow. I can recommend this product to anyone in search of a perfect bronzy highlight. I use it fairly often and have yet to hit pan.

And its only $10?

I bought this brush several months ago after watching a tutorial with pixi2woo(youtube) and boy I am so glad I did. This was such a surprise as it was only ten bucks from ulta. I have incorporated this little gem into my everyday foundation routine(replacing MUCH more expensive brushes). I noticed very little to no shedding when first using this brush. The application you get when using this brush is just flawless. The only problem I have with this brush is the larger barrel at the end of the brush makes it difficult to store.


This primer was okay..I got it as a sample in palette and it was a pretty generous amount. Lets talk about the good..Compared to other primers on the market this primer comes out on top when referring to clean ingredients. It is also amazingly creamy and thick......but unfortunately this is no dream product. This primer, when compared to other, didnt stand up to the test. I applied it before school(roughly 6:30 am) and noticed creasing before lunch(1pm). I am so bummed this didnt work out because I was such a fan of the thick creaminess but I need my primers to keep me crease free!

Holy Grail

I LOVE this never thought I'd say that. I have searched high and low for the perfect foundation and have finally found it. The ONLY problem I have with this foundation is the color range seems limited. I am a MAC NC15 and the B10 is a bit orangey on me. Putting that aside this foundation is a winner, the texture is unreal sort of a bouncy mousse. The finish is very natural, not too dewy and not too matte, the perfect combo! Did I mention the lasting power on this baby...its ridiculous. I apply this before school topping it off with a little powder and it keeps me shine free throughout the school day. Also no more foundation know that awkward moment when you hug someone and your foundation rubs off all over their shirt. Yea been there done that and its no fun but this foundation is the answer. Iam telling you go try it!

This is a wonderfully creamy concealer with impressive coverage. A word of caution be careful with this product as it tends to crease easily under the eye. I use it mainly on blemishes and discolorations. It does well on active breakouts but it struggles when trying to cover up deep acne scars. Overall a good concealer!

I bought seven of these babies and am so impressed with this drugstore lippie. The colors are very pigmented and on the creamier side. The only problem I have with this product is how drying it is. I usually wear the lipstick with a gloss or balm over it. It also lasts forever!! I wore it in the pouring rain for three hours and this lasted so well.

Decent base

First off I ALWAYS use a primer with these, a light hand, and never by themselves. The color payoff is impressive for a drugstore cream shadow but wearing them alone is not an option seeing as they crease so easily.

Gives a gorgeous glow

I have had this product for quite a while now and have been SO impressed. I am a huge fan of a dewy face and mixing this into my foundation gives me just what I look for. For me this product is a double doser I use it in my foundation to give it a pearlecent glow and on the tops of my cheek bones. What isnt such a winner on this product for me is the packaging. I find the bottle and brush applicator a pain and unhygenic, but I dont mind since the product is such a winner.

A decent liner

I bought several of these liners after reading several rave reviews on these little babies. At a $1.99 what did I have to loose? Upon opening I fell in love with the tip(I am a huge fan of l'oreal linear intense)it was precise and seemed supple enough. Unfortunately the pigmentation was less than loveable. I found the formulation a bit on the watery side, nothing that was unworkable though. I think this is a decent dupe for linear intense if you don't want to shell out the twelve bucks or just cant find it. Overall not a bad liner for 2 bucks.

Great for beginners!

I have had the naked palette for several weeks and boy was I missing out! This is a beautiful palette for anyone...young, old a beginner or a pro. The shadows are richly pigmented and have a slightly buttery texture. For someone who loves a neutral eye this is a staple in my collection.