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Great product but incredibly small bottle

I really don’t understand why this is only 12ml. Seems an incredibly annoying wasteful packaging size beside you’ll have to purchase more regularly. Please make this in a larger size.

Favourite pencil / liner brush

This is my new favourite pencil/liner brush. It is so soft I barely feel it when I use it around my eye, it’s as soft as my other favourite Wayne Goss #5. I can get a good liner with dry or wet and Lower lash line, or wing out eyeshadow precisely. It is quite versatile. I have to say that I need the other small brushes in this line now too..

Wow so good

Ok, so I was a little skeptic on this product because I’d only seen low ranking for it but YouTuber Mel Thompson used it all the time so when Beautylish had their BFCM 2019 I went in and bought it... no regrets whatsoever. I have some fine lines under my eyes and if I tap a touch of this under my eyes before I apply my Bobbi brown corrector it looks fresh all day. I’ve only had this for a few weeks but it’s a definite love.

Well worth the splurge

I love this set, they are my first purchase Chikuhodo brushes in my collection but so versatile. I love the design, the irredescent touch to the mountain top is such a beautiful touch, I could look at these all day. All brushes are multi function for me so they have had a lot of use since I purchased the set, I can literally do my entire face including colourful eyeshadow with this set. I was so annoyed that I missed out in the first shipment but after hounding the customer service and stalking the site until they restocked I can’t believe they haven’t sold out again. So if you’re on the fence on this set and can afford them, I would recommend buying them, they’re beautiful and functional. I think you won’t regret the purchase.

Makes my skin super itchy

Does anyone else find this stuff makes their face itchy? It does for me which is dissapointing, I was hoping it would replace the Ordinary buffet in my routine. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now, I’ll stop using it and try again to confirm. My skin does feel so soft since using the good molecules products. I’ve been using the eye serum, the overnight exfoliation (3 times) and this super peptide serum.

My go to bronzer brush

I love this brush, I’ve had it for a year now and I use it daily. I’ve washed it a couple of times and I have not noticed mine shedding like other reviewers have. This thing blends like a dream and is so soft. I usually just clean it off on a microfibre cloth after every few uses. I have not found any negatives, with this brush and its a very versatile shape. I’ll probably invest in a back up at some stage and use it with cream products. I’ll also add that this brush holds up really well to daily use.

Update to my original review

Ok so I found that if I shimmy (zig zag) the brush over highlighters, especially harder to pickup highlighters then I can get a single application from it rather than having to build it up with several applications. So now this IS my go to highlighter brush.

Love this brush

I’ve had this brush for a year now and I cannot say I’ve noticed it shedding like other reviewers have. Perhaps it’s the different batches. This is my go to blush brush, it’s not as soft like the airbrush but I find this better for blush on me. I find it blends as I go, I use a swiping-swirling motion (sort of in an ovalualr side ways motion across my cheekbone) to apply blush with this brush and I find it blends out effortlessly. I’ve washed it once using brush soap so far and have not had it shed during washing. This was fairly recently so if you’re using it on yourself and your skin is unblemished i think you can get away without washing it regularly. I do swipe it over a micro fibre cloth every so often and when I’m using differ coloured blush and the colour comes off fine.

The brush handle is gorgeous but very short

I love the look of this brush, the hair is very soft, it applied highlighter ok. So far I’ve used it to apply Nars Dual-Intensity (dry) highlights, the Natasha Denona all over glow, as well as Kevyn Aucoin highlighting powders in the art of sculpting Volume III and it does a fair job, I still need to reapply to build the saturation otherwise all I get is a soft glow. Great if that’s all you’re going for but I like a heavier appliaction myself. If I were to compare it to the Wayne Goss Airbrush which is the most similar shaped brush in my collection, the airbrush hair is much softer and the handle is about an inch longer than the Chikuhodo (which is quite short). I also find that my highlight application with the same products I find better with Wayne Goss airbrush. In saying all this, I am keen to try this Chikuhodo brush out with my hourglass finishing powders and my Becca be a light face palette because I think for finishing powders the light application this brush will give would be perfect for finishing powders. On another note, I do think this brush is a quality brush, and comparatively an excellent value... and did I mention how gorgeous the handle is.

Oh wow... another brush in my shopping list to buy backups of. It’s so soft, small enough to get into the inner corner territory but wow is it amazing to apply colour on the outer v and lower last line. I adore this brush.

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