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Brush 05 Precision Detail Brush

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Wayne Goss: The Best Selling Brushes


Indigo T.
Great Lash Line Brush

This one is perfect size and shape for the lower lash line. I also like it for highlighting the inner corner of my eye.

Jill K.
I love love love this brush!

This brush is teeny, and absolutely perfect for placing a perfect gleam on the inner corner of my eye. It's also great for smudging your lower lash line.

Wayne's brushes are an absolute dream. The handle length is perfect-- long enough to let you vary your grip so you can vary your pressure/application style, but still short enough where it's not poking out of your makeup bag.

Nathalie v.
Not for me!

I was so happy the brush was in stock again. I’m from the Netherlands and I’m so happy I can order at Beautylist. Thank you so much!! I also bought all the Sonia G brushes you have in stock.

Got this brush today... And I hate it! It hurts so bad, it’s so scratchy! I can not believe everyone is so happy with this brush. I don’t have sensitive eyes, not at all. I also ordered last week the air brush from Wayne Goss and it’s so nice and soft I ordered a second one. I also thought this brush was so soft as the air brush. It’s the same hair type. The softest you can get they say... Absolutely not! None off the brushes from Sonia G are scratchy and they are goat hair. I’m so sorry I have to write this, I love Wayne Goss, but this is really not Oke!

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Sarah B.

Waynes brush is lovely and soft, and great to use on the lash line, top and bottom. It is small and fluffy enough so that it doesn't leave a harsh line and is easy to use to smoke out along the lower lash line. I use it like a pencil - a lovely soft pencil!

Amy L.
A plus!!

This is a hit for me! It allows such precious when applying eye shadow and even liner. It’s not too soft but not overly firm either. It gets the job done and would purchase again and again!!

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Joanne J.
Amazing quality!

I've had this brush for 2 years, and it looks and performs as well as the day it arrived. I love that the handle is shorter and thinner because it makes it easier to control for detail work. The bristles are amazingly soft and pick up and disperse product beautifully. I use this brush for the outer V, on the lower lash line, inner corner and sometimes to apply powder as eyeliner to the top lash line. It's easy to clean, maintains its shape and doesn't shed. It's comparable to the Rephr 03 brush, but is less expensive, and theirs is white and does stain. I would love it if Wayne printed his logo in a lighter colour so it's easier to see.

Oxana F.
Helpful magic wand

Love this brush so much! Best for the lower lash line and inner corner. Bristles are soft and flexible, also it picks up and gives back the pigment and toppers like no other. Being selected for my first WG brush purchase it turned out to be the wild card. Unexpected and lucky.

Karen F.
Nothing this brush can't do!

This is my 4th Wayne Goss brush. I needed one for detail work and liner. The shape of this brush is perfect for corners, liner, shading, and deepening shades. It's shorter than others I have, but sturdy and beautifully crafted. Cleans easily, which is something I do often, since I use it every makeup day.

Sacha Z.
Too itchy scratchy in the inner corner

I just tried the Z serie's pencil and Wayne G's one is way less nice on the inter corner.

Kathryn S.
Precise & Gentle!

Perfect density - firm, yet gentle. Gives a precise deposit of color, solid or smudged. A must have brush.