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Brush 05 Precision Detail Brush

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K W.
picture to go with my above review
Photo of product included with review by K W.

Sorry but my picture didn't show up on my review--so here it is! :) (left to right): OLD Goss05, *NEW Goss05*, Goss20, Chikuhodo Z-10

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K W.
PERFECT SIZE pencil brush!!

This brush is LLL (lower lash line) perfection! It's SMALLER than other pencil brushes--making shadow application a breeze on the LLL! Not 2 thick & not 2 thin--just PERFECT!! U can get a precise line due 2 it's size & if u want--u can still smoke it out as well. It glides the shadow on both lower & upper lash lines with ease. In comparison 2 the Goss20--they both have similar firmness & flexibility in the bristles, but the Goss20 is larger (& a bit longer)-therefore-creating a thicker line than the new Goss05. With the 05, u can get much closer 2 the lash lines. The Chikuhodo Z-10 is softer-yet doesn't offer the precise control that the Goss05 does. Overall, I LOVE this new Goss05 & so glad that Wayne replaced the original 05 with this one! It's exactly what was needed 2 make "The Collection" complete! See comparison pic--OLD Goss05, NEW Goss05, Goss20, Chikuhodo Z-10 (left 2 right)

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Lisa R.
Great brush at a great price
Photo of product included with review by Lisa R.

Thanks to the review from KW, I purchased this as a lower lash line brush. It does a great job. I own the Chikuhodo Z10 and I love it and it's wonderfully soft but it is to large for my lower lash line. I also own the Mac 219 and it is also a little to large for my lower lash line. Overall it's just a great little brush. I have attached a comparison picture (WG 5, Chikuhodo Z10, Mac 219).

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Tissiemoe D.

Didn't expect hype to be worth it, but only this brush & a Kevyn Aucoin brush will smudge out eyeshadow under my small, mature eyes in a way that looks professional & pretty instead of like a raccoon. I will come back for at least 2 more. Very soft & comfortable too. THIS BRUSH IS WORTH THE HYPE 💥👍 IMPRESSED, MR. GOSS!

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Ashley B.
A must have for me!

I have several brushes like this, but this is the ONLY brush small enough to handle my lower lash line. I have been lining with shadow more often than eyeliner as of late. Eyeliner brushes are too small, other pencil brushes like this are usually too large. This brush is perfect! Much softer than the Mac brushes with more flex to the bristles but firm enough for a precise application. On par quality wise with Chikuhodo / Hakuhodo but smaller with a most precise tip. This brush is also very good for smaller detail work on the eyelid. This brush would probably be very precise for lip application, but I have not used for that purpose. If I did I would buy a separate brush for lips. Lip products require a more frequent wet washing, which can shorten the life span over time. I want to keep this bad boy in shape!

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Sandra D.
Love them all!!!!

At age 60+ I have owned more brushes than I can count. That being said, I am absolutely in love with my Wayne Goss brushes; they are the best ever! I have basically replaced all of my brushes with Wayne's, with the exception of a few Acouin favorites.

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Michelle D.
This might even be the best brush in WG's brilliant collection

It's perfection, as KW said in her review. Incredibly soft, but ingeniously designed-only a master (or a couple of masters--Goss and the traditional Japanese brushmaker) could have created this. Perfectly tapered to line and soften in one...just a beautiful brush.

The newest Goss collection brushes are also the most beautiful I've ever seen--glossy black enamel art objects

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Marcy  M.
Small but mighty

I absolutly love this brush to give me a cut crease. Its pointy so its amazing to do outer v work too. Its not as soft as my chikuhudo z 10 but it has more substance to it to create sharp lines and detail work. This is definately worth 20 dollars.

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Monica Z.

I LOVE this cute little brush!! I use it for a smokey/smudgey eyeliner look for daytime and it's brilliant!! The hairs are super soft so my delicate lash line area isn't irritated. It's also wonderful for the lower lash line! I need more!!!

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Michelle D.
Possibly even one of his very best--which is saying something!

A really perfect little brush, for any small area--eyeliner, lid, concealer... Just beautiful.

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