Wayne Goss

Brush 11 Buffing Brush

Wayne Goss: The Best Selling Brushes


Becky C.

I have almost all of Sonia G's brushes and have quite a few of Wayne's brushes and this is one of my favorite brushes of all time. It is the best bronzer brush out there. It gives the perfect application.... not too much and not too little.... and blends the products out seamlessly. I have not had any problems with shedding like the other reviews mention. Highly recommend.

Traci G.
Amor total!!!

Una de las brochas mas suaves que tiene su marca. Para mi sus brochas son excelentes son un poco caras pero su calidad no decepciona. Le doy uso para aplicar mis polvos de guerlain meteoritos como paso final en mi maquillaje y me deja la piel preciosa airbrush.

Sara P.
Take all my money!

I love how versatile this brush is. I can use it for blush, bronzer or powder as a finish. It’s so soft and the perfect size. Will definitely be purchasing again.

Alexis D.
Great brush

I just wish it didn't shed every time I use it. Otherwise, it's extremely soft and blends my setting powders like a dream.

Megan D.
Love it

I am a big fan of Wayne Goss brushes! I have 3 so far. This one is perfect for dusting on highlighter or applying bronzer along cheeks and jawline. It feels very soft and comfortable to hold. I couldn't be happier!!! No shedding so far either.

Erin S.
Soft, but not the same quality

I love how soft this brush is, and it blends nicely, but it sheds constantly. Every time I use it, at least 5 bristles fall out, though often it is more. I'm very, very disappointed. I love his eye brushes, but am not sure I want to buy any more face brushes. If it shed once, when I first started using it, I wouldn't have been surprised, but it sheds every day, which is annoying and a waste.

Aimee M.
Scared at first but it got better

I really wanted this buffing brush for a while and my father-in-law got it for me for Christmas this year. I was so excited to get one of Wayne's face brushes! Then it turned to nervousness because like a lot of other reviewers my brush kept shedding and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to return it since I didn't purchase it myself if it fell apart. Luckily after I washed it a few times it finally stopped shedding and is nice and fluffy. I like to use this for powder (eyes and pore area) and blush the most. I'm really glad it is in my collection despite the rough start.

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Jenny L.
Love it
Photo of product included with review by Jenny L.

I use 11 for liquid and powder foundations. I also use it for buffing powders. I enjoy the 11 and 13 equally. Mine hasn't shed since the second wash. I use brush guards after cleansing and it holds it shape well. So soft. I am uploading photo of #11 , 12, and 13 side by side.

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Laura L.
Amazing brush!!
Photo of product included with review by Laura L.

I was on the fence about getting this brush for months, eyeing it.. finally took the plunge and purchased it. I absolutely love it. Bristles are so soft but curated in a way to buff product on so smooth and seamlessly. I am so happy with it!

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Julie T.
Love this brush for cream bronzer

I love that these brushes are natural hair. I used to use exclusively mac makeup brushes until they went all synthetic. Ever since I've been on the hunt for great quality natural hair brushes. I was so excited when I found Wayne Goss' brushes were made of natural hair.

This brush came two days after I ordered it. I live in AZ. So not to far from San Francisco. I immediately tried this buffing brush out with some cream bronzer. It buffed it into my skin like a dream. OMG it looks so good. There aren't enough words to Express how much I love this brush.

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