Beauty Product Reviews

Great coverage! just a few minor cons

The kat von d is one of the greatest full coverage foundations I have ever tried. Many pros and only a few cons, but still cons that I should point out. Pros: -full coverage (medium-full coverage in one layer) - dries matte -there's a pump (however you'll have to press it a few times when you first get the foundation) - very pigmented -does not oxidize! (finally one foundation with a color that stays the same color after many hours!) -long lasting! wore it for 10 hours and still on :) - price is $30 something dollars for a great foundation -smooth and flawless finish (with the sephora mineral powder brush) cons: -does not stay matte, will be oily after a few hours - foundation will transfer - you can sometimes feel the makeup on your face, only sometimes

overall, i totally recommend this foundation! :)

I would recommend this

I don't really have much negatives about this scrub. Like only two small negatives. The positives of this scrub is that it smells nice (like some kind of mint), it actually scrubs!, it does feel refreshed after using this (that refreshed mint feeling), and alot of product comes in it. The negatives are that, it isn't really good for sensitive skin, since sometimes when you scrub (since it actually scrubs your skin), it might make your skin red. Also, sometimes when you wash it off, you might have to wash it a couple of times for it to complelety come off. Oh yeah, you know that feeling when you have like mint gum in your mouth and you drink water, that's how it feels after you used this. I also have recommended this to a friend, and she bought it and she loves it! I might be thinking to buy a second one of this when I have a chance to go to Macys or Sephora!

If only it was not cakey for my skin!

This is very very close to being my HG foundation/bb cream! When I went to sephora for them to recommend me products, they recommended me this. My first impression was this is not foundation, this is bb cream. I thought it would not have enough coverage to cover my acne and redness. However, after they applied to on my face and opened my eyes, I was impressed! I have never seen my skin back to it's normal skin color with no acne and redness. However, this review is missing one star because it looked cakey on my face. It looked like i had alot of makeup on. Even when I applied it at home (yeah I bought it anyway) and applied it the way that I did to get my usual flawless finish, it still was cakey. It was the perfect shade for me though. The first one that i bought with perfect shade! Sadly, i couldn't use it since it made my skin look like it has pores.

Oily feeling and Green can be seen

Sorry to be the miss of this product, but this product was also not for me. I have oily skin (where my face would be oily like ten minutes after I wash my face) and when I applied it, the primer had an oily and waxy feel. Im not sure if primers were supposed to be this way, especially anti- redness ones, but the oily feeling against my skin did not feel right. Another negative is that when I apply the primer on my face, blended correctly, you can still see like a green tone. When I tried to blend it more, it still stayed green. This primer did reduce the redness, so that's a positive. Another positive is that you do not need alot of product, so the container may seem small, but there's actually alot inside. In the beginning, I mentioned the product being oily and a few hours later into the day, it left my face really oily.

Still Using This

I have been using this for like months, and I have to say that this cleanser is not bad, it did help in getting rid of my acne, and i don't have like one or two dot of pimples. So, this pretty good. It helped reduce the redness, didn't totally take the redness away from my face, but it has decreased. It does slide off your face fast, so you've got to quickly work it on your face because it all slides off. The scrub is useful in gentle scrubbing. The positive thing is that when you are scrubbind, you could see some of the dirt and makeup and unwanted garbage from your face come off onto the scrub. However, the scrub, when it's put back onto the cleanser, the scrub is exposed to the open air, dust, and bacteria. Sorry if the review has been a bit sloppy, but overall i like this cleanser, and this is my second time buying it! ^_^

Cakey and hard shade choice

I bought this at first wanting a long lasting foundation that wont melt or disappear no matter what. I thought it will give me flawless, natural looking skin. But when I applied it, it looked cakey and orange. I was then like "oh I forgot moisturizer". I washed off the foundation and then added moisturizer, then foundation. It was still cakey. Then I washed the makeup off and started with moisturizer, then primer, then foundation, and still cakey and orange! I had to return this product. Also I bought and returned this foundation because of wrong shade like 8 times!

my to go foundation!

I just love the finish of the foundation and how it gives a soft velvet finish with pressed powder for oily/combination skin. It covers alot and it stays on. However, I don't think I achieved full coverage, maybe just medium coverage. However medium coverage still covers many and makes skin look natural! The also only two things are i definetely agree it's better with a pump cause too much product spills out and there's only 1 oz of foundation. Also Im still trying to find a right shade for me.

Didn't help my skin much?

Well I saw many great reviews about this scrub and I saw a lot that I got convinced to buy it. I was already dreaming of smooth beautiful skin. When I first tried it, it felt awsome on the face, but it seemed to irritate my skin and made my acne aa bit worse at first. But I decided to continue it. Then as the days go by, my acne became a bit better but my redness is still there. Maybe that's just my skin. However it smells awesome though especially when used in the shower :) I would recommend this though.