Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer, Adjust


Mer C.
Works Wonders

I started to get bumps from the liquid foundation I started using as it would settle into my skin and unfortunately any sort of line in my face. (I usually use cream foundation which wouldn't sink into my skin like the liquid) And stubborn me not about to give up on the liquid decided a primer was my best bet. I wanted something with colour correcting in it as I have naturally VERY red cheeks, without makeup I always look flushed which has caused all sorts of comments about being sunburnt or embarrassed because it looks like I am blushing. So off I went to Sephora to test a bunch of products. Hands down this was the best. It wasnt oily and felt very silky and light. (Plus it doesnt have a whole lot of bad stuff like parabens etc.) Once I got it home I immediately tried it on my face. The redness did go down and made my skin feel very silky and smooth. My mom also tried it and it worked for her rosacea and broken capillaries. It also keeps my liquid foundation from settling into my skin and displaying every line in my face, and the best part no more foundation related bumps! I've only given it 4 and a half stars because One: in Canada it was $48 plus tax which is pricey compared to other colour correcting primers on the market, but it does work and as I said before doesnt have a whole lot of bad stuff in it. Two: I have only been using it for about a week and a half, two weeks so I have to see if there is any long term issues, or that prolonged use with cause my skin to break out. But as of right now I am in love with this product and would like to get the other colours for my kit!

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Jasmin A.
No more Asian glow!

I use the color adjust (the green colored one) for my redness. I am acne prone and suffer from a lot of acne scars and this works wonders. When I drink (alcohol) I turn red, but ever since I started using this product I don't turn red anymore! Not even after drinking and dancing and sweating. Why wouldn't I love this product?!

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Miss N.
Not for me

I have these two in the green and purple and it just isn't for my skin. I have no problem with the clear SB primer but when it comes to the corrective ones they're a miss.

Check the blog out for these items in my Blog Sale tab if you interested in buying these at a low price!

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Chelsea R.
Great for red spots

I use this primer just over red areas to limit the amount of product I have to use correcting skin tones. I works really well. For myself, I just apply it over my cheeks and spot any read areas. Then I use another primer for other areas-when i used it all over I didn't like the affect. Great way to limit the amount of product on your face and still correct redness.

Kathleen B.

I retuned this product to the store. It didn't cover well. The product seemed to be too thin and oily. For the price, it was a big disappointment. I could not recommend this to anyone.

Christina N.
Love it!

Love love love this product! I have huge pores, and this makes my foundation and even my powder glide perfectly over it <3 <3 It's not nearly as colour correcting as I had hoped for, but the finish makes up for it.

Amanda K.
i have every colour!

i even have the bronzing one which i cant find listed here, but they live up to their names.. fifty bucks though.. very steep here =[ but theyve lasted me quite awhile

Meg K.
green with jealousy!

This primer is good if you suffer from redness, even f not it is very nice primer.The texture is so soft, when i applied it my face was as soft as a baby's bottom! The green colour is not at all noticeable, it blends in and is invisible. It covered my pores quite well which was a surprise. Also you barely need much of the product so it lasts for ages, Your friends will be green with jealousy when you wear it.

Lily B.
Reduced Red Blotches

I had horrible red flushed skin as a side effect to medication. This primer really helps! You cannot see that I am wearing green on my face at all. My pores and fine lines look great. My only complaint - I wish it were a little thicker.

Suggestion - avoid nose and corners of your mouth. Only put primer over the red area. You do get a light greenish tint, but it's honestly not noticeable once you cover with foundation, bronzer and blush. You cannot wear this primer alone!! As you can see in my photo, my red blotches are covered, but I need to build a "natural" color on top. This primer just eliminates the discoloration, then I build the color I want the world to see. This product is really helpful for those with redness issues.

Sarah B.
The only problem is the texture

For the most part this product is great. It cancels out most of the redness in my face and makes my skin smooth and minimizes my pores which is always a problem that I have. My only problem is the texture. It does feel oily when I put it on but it hasn't caused any breakouts, it's just kind of uncomfortable. Other than that, it's great if you're looking for a good primer.