Studio Lip Primer & Plumper

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Rachelle-Denise  M.
Be Cautious!!!

This is an amazing product and it does fulfill its purpose. BUT---you must be cautious with how much primer you apply to your lip. The more layer of primer, the more bold and lighter you lip color will appear. I learned this the hard way, I put "Nearly Nude" Lip Matte Color on top of the many layers of primer and my lips literally looked white! I don't use the plumper on my bare lips though, I believe it's because my lips are rather sensitive and it burned my lips but it doesn't phase me if I apply the plumper on top of the finished lip. I like it!

melissa t.

whoot! This product seriously makes your lip FAT AND JUICY. I was skeptic at first but it really does plump those lips up! My friends were even asking me if I got lip injections hahahaha so funny. I gave this product a 4/5 because the primer was not as necessary as the plumping side and I finished this product in less than a month...Otherwise, great product!

Jessica R.
Great Product for the Money.

I've actually really enjoyed this product! I mean, it's no Urban Decay or Too Faced, but it goes on smoothly & my lip color stays on for much longer than normal with a much more even color. I love the cinnamon scent of the plumping side, too. Decent buy, very budget-friendly!

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Aferdita N.

For some reason, I had very high hopes for this product, and I was very excited when I first got it. It was honestly a big let down. What I don't like about this product is that it doesn't do much, isn't very usable, and there is also VERY LITTLE product, even for ELF's standards. It is mainly the primer that is the scapegoat here, and it really drags the product down, it could have been so much better. First of all, the primer will not fill in the little lines on your lips, it will lay on top of them and make it look dry (this is why it isn't very usable, you are going to have to do a lot of work beforehand, making sure your lips are moisturised enough for the primer to look good on your lips). Second of all, even if you did a good job at preparing your lips, making sure they were soft and moisturised enough for the primer, it STILL would not do much as for making the colour of your lipstick/lip tint/lipgloss etc stand out. Instead of making the colour of your lipstick stand out, it will wash out the colour. I have tried working with this product and have had it for a few months, and I am still disappointed. I thought the colour was being washed out by this primer because I put on too much, so I tried again, with just a thin layer of the primer on my lips, even when I did this, I got the same result. A dull, washed out colour, it doesn't make it "stand out" whatsoever. However, the plumper is pretty decent. It will burn quite a lot if you put on a few layers, but that doesn't last long. It really is the primer that makes this product inadequate, otherwise it would be much better. I also really like the smell and TASTE of the plumper, it actually smells and tastes like cinnamon, yummy! Not only that, but it functions like any normal plumper would, by making your lips look a bit bigger by irritating the lips, my lips always turn a bright red with this plumper. All in all, good plumper, not so good primer and there is very little product, even for elf.

Matilda E.

I think the primer is a little dry, at least on my lips, and it could have been transparent. It look likes foundation on the lips. But the lipstick stands on! I've just tried it with nude-lipstick and that was okay, but I don't know about a colored lipstick.

The plumper sticks in the lips, but it's okey. I think it plumps a little bit and feels godd on the lips. Does not dry out! And like Rach says it's smells like christmas! Haha!