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Great deal!

With these illuminating highlighters, you get a LOT of product, for a great price. Seeing as how you only need a tiny dab for your cheekbones, brow bones, etc., this stuff goes a long way. Comes in a great range of shades. I have oily skin so I use these when I know I'm going to be out in the sun & heat. Great for turning "oily face" into "glistening face".

Good, but slightly limiting

I purchased this product in lavender, and I must say it definitely does what it says. My skin tone appears more unified & my face immediately loses all shine. The only problem is that I find it near impossible to blend anything on over it. It makes liquid concealer/foundation STICK to it so much that I can't blend it out or buff it in nicely. So typically when I use this primer I conceal under my eyes FIRST, then apply the primer, then use only a powder foundation. Actually, this product is best for powder foundations because it is so sticky. Maybe this is just my experience?

Has potential.

Upon first sight I thought this mascara would be great, also taking into account that it runs about $3 at Walmart. It has a fairly standard-sized wand, then it is covered with a hard-bristled pink "comb"-like appliance that is supposed to help brush through any clumps. The first thing I noticed is the packaging. There is no way you can keep the wand inside the tube & have it NOT dry out on you. I only had it a week and I was getting huge dry clumps falling out. Ultimately, that's my fault, for not using the included lid. But the major flaw in this is actually the 'comb'. Yes, it does work great, however the big blunt tip of the wand collects SO much product it's near impossible not to glob it on by accident. Overall, I'd say if they could figure out another way to include a comb-thing with having a nubbed-end on the wand, it might be better.


For a drug store brand, the range of colors available is AMAZING. They have so many unique pigments with multicolor shimmers, that I was speechless when I saw these at my local Rite-Aid. I gave these 4 stars for beauty & uniqueness, and because they are a great price. However, my only qualm is that they tend to crease a lot faster on me than anything else I wear. I have extremely oily skin, so it may just be me, but that's my only disappointment ]:

Surprisingly good!

Though I have many of these blushes, I'm giving Cinnamon a specific mention because, at first glance, it's practically neon orange, but upon applying it I found that it's beautifully sheer. Creates a really warm glow, especially for my skin tone. My second favorite is probably Pinched (pale pink with a gold shimmer). I also have Cocoa & Red. I found that the red doesn't last as long as the others, but is beautiful for dramatic looks.

All in all, I'd choose the E.l.f. Eyebrow Kit Any day.

I recently purchased 4 eyebrow waxes from Inglot to go into a Z Palette. For me, eyebrows are the most important part of my makeup, so I wanted to create an eyebrow palette with all different shades to take with me anywhere. Unfortunately, after buying 4 & spending about $24, I hate them. At first, I was thinking they would be like a cream fill-in, similar to my E.l.f. eyebrow kit (which is only $3 and to die for). However it turned out they are more like eyebrow gel, which usually comes in a mascara-like format.

The reason they are such a disappointment to me is because it never seems to really set. They are much more runny in consistency than I had expected, and appear like liquid when applied. To fix this, I tried powder setting them, yet they STILL appear shiny and even smudges off with the slightest touch (which is TERRIBLE for something made for eyebrows).

So in conclusion, I’d choose my e.l.f. eyebrow kit any day. It’s upsetting that I feel like I wasted twenty bucks ]:

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