Total Lash Cover Mascara

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Tasia G.
Has potential.

Upon first sight I thought this mascara would be great, also taking into account that it runs about $3 at Walmart. It has a fairly standard-sized wand, then it is covered with a hard-bristled pink "comb"-like appliance that is supposed to help brush through any clumps. The first thing I noticed is the packaging. There is no way you can keep the wand inside the tube & have it NOT dry out on you. I only had it a week and I was getting huge dry clumps falling out. Ultimately, that's my fault, for not using the included lid. But the major flaw in this is actually the 'comb'. Yes, it does work great, however the big blunt tip of the wand collects SO much product it's near impossible not to glob it on by accident. Overall, I'd say if they could figure out another way to include a comb-thing with having a nubbed-end on the wand, it might be better.