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Powder Blush

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K D.

Love the product, price, & color. These blushes have great pigment & wear well. I am usually not a fan of blush in general & only recently started wearing it. For the price I figured it couldn't hurt to give it a try. I immediately fell in love. Cinnamon is a great natural looking shade for deep skin tones & is now part of my makeup routine.

Coua X.

I have the cinnamon one and let me tell you guys, I absolute love it!! It is a pretty matte orange brush and at first I were afraid to get it cause I was scared it was not going to look nice on my cheeks but when I try it on, it look so pretty on my cheeks that I had to get it. I was gonna get another one to for a back up but they were out of it and lucky there was one left me. I was so happy. :)

Kelly S.

I have been in love ever since I stumbled upon Cinnamon. Great price. Great pigmentation. Blends in wonderfully. I only own two different shades, but those two are enough. They don't break and crumble easily (though I have broken one).

Cynia B.
Good product for the price, lasts all day

I love this blush, as a chocolate skinned girl sometimes it's hard to find blushes that will not have been looking like a clown esp. if I do not want to break the bank. NYX def. fits the bill with a myriad of shades all under 5 bucks at my local beauty supply store.

For more reviews check out http://nostalgiajones.wordpress.com

Mariana C.

I know, you're gonna tell, WHAT THE HELL!? YOU USE ORANGE BLUSH!? and I'll say YES I DO! Okay, so I'm in love with this blush since I bought it which was a few months ago, on the skin it doesn't get THAT orange, just a little bit! IT'S AWESOME!

Vanessa C.

I own 'Cinnamon' and 'Peach'. Cinnamon is a nice orange color, and whenever I wear it I swear it looks very natural but somehow different. It's really not 'detectable' that it's a straight up orange blush once I do some blending, but it still looks very different from most other girls' cheeks, LOL. Also, Peach is a mid-tone mauve pink color, and it's alright. Nothing very special, and an average shade you can get from most other brands.

Aniko F.
Blends Like A Dream

I love the color of this blush. It looks more orange on picture but is actually a gorgeous pink color. Its VERY pigments and just blends in beautifully into my skin!

Tasia G.
Surprisingly good!

Though I have many of these blushes, I'm giving Cinnamon a specific mention because, at first glance, it's practically neon orange, but upon applying it I found that it's beautifully sheer. Creates a really warm glow, especially for my skin tone. My second favorite is probably Pinched (pale pink with a gold shimmer). I also have Cocoa & Red. I found that the red doesn't last as long as the others, but is beautiful for dramatic looks.

Magali S.
newest love!
Photo of product included with review by Magali S.

i just purchased my first nyx blush i was scared that i wasnt going to like it but i ended up loving it! the color cinnamon i such a beautiful color for girls with tan skin im absolutely in love with this shade![on the left] swatches on my blog!http://maggielovesmakeup.blogspot.com/

Holly D.

I love Cinnamon, it is an absolutely beautiful shade, especially on tanned skin. Perfect for summer! It is also super pigmented, if I dip my blush brush once into the product it is enough to apply to both of my cheeks, so will last for ages! The only problem with the packaging is that the clear plastic part popped out, but I just snapped it back on again