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Beauty Product Reviews

Units is becoming my favorite brush brand!!!!

Units!!! You must stop doing this! You must stop stealing my money and making these brushes that are effortlessly amazing in every way! Can we start with my favorite brush, the blending brush? I'm a "you can never have too many blending brushes" type of girl and when I saw this large blending brush I had to have it. This is what originally led me to getting the set. My goodness. I was caught off guard for sure. I already love all my brushes in the Master Collection but this new 200 Series is so luxe and satisfying.

The handles are semi-matte and nicely weighted. Length of the handles are medium range so they're not short and not long, right in the middle. Lastly, the quality of the bristles are so soft and do not shed a ton after washing (I've washed mine two times now).

After the blending brush, my second runner up in favorites is the packing brush (second brush from the left in pic). This packing brush not only tapers to a perfect end but it's also compact enough to smudge product on the lower lash line.

Sadly, in the past I have purchased synthetic hair brushes from retailers and they are twice as much and half as good. Not doing that anymore. Whatever they make you can sign me up for because I am a believer now. I hope they come out with more of the 200 Series because it is to dieeeeeee for given the unbeatable price.

Similar in performance to other blurring powders but better!

I was an avid user of NARS' Translucent Setting Powder for yeaaaarrrsss! I always loved it because it burred my pores and made my skin look like porcelain. But one thing I hate was that it never quite matched my complexion. Although it was "translucent", I still found myself with a sort of cast over my skin and it was not pretty. Given the amazing blurring effects, I didn't mind and just covered up the light cast with my all over face powder.

I was curious about other blurring powders then I came across this and have not looked back. This makes my pores look non-existent and does not mattify my skin which I LOVE! I always prefer a dewy look and powders are no exception. This powder simply smooths the skin with a hint of color. The tint is not overwhelming at all and if you're close to my complexion you can pull it off with no effort. Curious in trying other Sisley-Paris products but they're so luxury I will probably have to wait, haha!

Holy grail status for sure!

This is my ride or die primer and I promise to never part ways with it! I purchased this back in November of last year and I use makeup about two times a week. I only just ran out of the first compact and I still have the refill! I'm sure if you wear makeup daily it won't last as long but for my personal needs this is perfect! The product dispenses out the wholes in the compact and one pump evenly applies all over the face nicely. And I have a large face and have never felt like I needed more than one face. It gives a luminous glow that just does not stop! Anytime I wear this I get so many compliments about being "glowy". So amazing!

I don't use the mirror because I just use my vanity mirror. One huge drawback: I have absolutely no idea how to change the refill to a new one since I just ran out. I'm sure it was somewhere on the box but that was recycled long ago.

Formula-wise, the niacinamide does my skin so well. It is pretty high up in the ingredient list and I enjoy mixing skincare with makeup whenever I can. Must try!!

So refreshing and cleansing to the scalp

Came across this scalp mask a few weeks ago when I was in search of a deep clean for my big ol' head. I have psoriasis on the scalp and it comes in goes whenever it feels like it. When I used this product, my psoriasis was active but it did not disturb it one bit.

This is the most therapeutic and relaxing scalp scrub I have come across. My hair is curly and leaning toward the coarse side but I had no problem rinsing out the treatment. You get a wonderful cooling effect once you remove this mask and the salicylic acid is my best friend in this because it rebalances oil in the scalp and did not disturb my psoriasis while doing so which I found astonishing.

I did this treatment three days before I went to the salon for a keratin treatment and it does sadden me a bit that I don't feel as comfortable doing the treatment now that my hair is treated. I am not 100% sure if there are sulfates but I can imagine there may be. If you have color treated hair I would recommend checking in with your stylist before beginning use but other than that I really enjoy this product.

Never fails me

This review is long overdue. I've had this tool for a little over four years now and I can't get enough of it. I'm not ashamed to admit that I always get ingrown toenails. I've been to a podiatrist and so on and it's sort of just something I need to be extra cautious about because they literally always happen. Before I got a hold of this I was lost in this world. Seems silly but it's so true. A simple nail nipper has made my life so wonderful and I truly mean that. Let me tell you, four years of bi-weekly use and still going strong? Yes! The nipper has not gotten dull on me and the handle is so comfortable to grip. I personally use mine exclusively for my large toes that get ingrown nails from time to time. I would highly recommend this for hands as well. Such a steal for the price you pay compared to how long you're going to get use from it. Thanks Tweezerman.

Love it!!

Provoke gloss is the most stunning nude shade I can ever ask for. When I picked this shade out I was worried because I didn't want a powdered donuts nude but I did want it light enough to go over a lipstick and make it pop. My goodness! It is opaque and just simply flattering on my complexion. It's peachy but not too peach and it is a neutral toned nude with so much color. This doesn't feel sticky or heavy on the lips and it doesn't wear off too easily. Of course, food and such will make all gloss come off but this is a one of a kind formula. There is a slight scent to it and it's pleasant. I can't put my finger on what it smells like but it quickly goes away after application. There's a beige gray shade that I'm eyeing also and I can't wait to get it. Can't think of anything I don't like about this gloss. :)

Long overdue!! Love the improvement!

Do you remember the original Custom Cover Drops? They were nice. Pretty good coverage and easy to work with. Two things that needed a major upgrade: packaging and shades. I remember being shade N70 but if I applied more than 2 drops I would then end up being an N80 which was not cute. And as for the packaging, the opening of the product just got so messy even when I was careful not to make a mess. It simply could’ve been designed better.

Now fast forward to 2019 and they finally make the changes I’ve been wanting!!! This new packaging is sleek and the dropper NEVER gets the mouth of the product messy. They also adjusted the shade range and while the new names (example: formerly N70 is now N Medium 4) can be a little tricky, once you find your match there is no color change no matter how much you apply! I’m also enjoying the new lower price point. Yes, you get less product but when you’re literally using drops at a time it does not make that big of a difference.

If you read all this and you’re unfamiliar with the original custom cover drops, here’s what you need to know:

Provides buildable coverage to any product you use

1-2 drops: light/medium 2-4 medium/full

You can mix this in just about anything, from moisturizer to your current foundation. It’s not going to heavily alter the base product you’re using so it’s easy to keep the finish you’re going for.

Thank you for the improvements Cover FX!!

Makes me glow in all the right ways

For years I’ve had dry skin and I can add as many hydrating products as I’d like. My skin just eats it up and craves more. While my skin may be hydrated, it still lacks a glow. That was at least until I came across this product. I apply this to my foundation or tinted moisturizer and it gives my skin the most beautiful glow I could ask for. I always like to stick with one drop because a little goes a long way.

I also appreciate how they have Vitamin C among some other skincare based products in this formulation. I’ve also mixed this with my moisturizer when I’m not wearing foundation and it’s still given me a continuous glow that just won’t stop. Highly recommend.

The best dupe for the Tom Ford Bronzer Brush 05

If you’re like me and were absolutely devastated when Tom Ford’s Bronzer Brush 05 natural hair version was discontinued later last year, you will be so happy to find this. This is a dupe for that brush in every sense of the word. First off, let me start by stating that I have nothing against the new synthetic hair version of the Tom Ford Bronzer Brush 05. I’m just a natural hair snob and prefer natural over synthetic when it comes to bronzer brushes. Ok, now on to why this brush is so amazing: it’s made of Hakutotsu Goat hair which is a coarser part of the goat’s hair and hence picks up and deposits product more easily. I’m no way is Hakutotsu Goat hair scratchy or rough. But on the molecular level it is significantly more coarse than saikoho goat hair.

If you’re like me and have sensitive skin or prefer softer bristles you can still use the BP013 but you must keep in mind the pressure you apply to your skin when using this brush. This brush is already going to do all the blending for you but you still have to hold it in place. Just make sure to use a light hand and do not fray away from trying different types of goat hair brushes if you’re a beginner.

BP013 is densely packed and an absolute joy to use. On days when I’m running late and need to throw on a quick face, this guy never fails me.

Being able to shop Koyudo on a non-foreign site makes me the happiest camper in the world. Love Koyudo!!!!!

*clapping hands emoji*

Say whaaaaatt? Why is this the most underrated brush in the fude game right now? BP006 is amazing at buffing in product whether it be cream or powder (too long for liquid). The way the long bristles blend without moving your base products is superb. My personal favorite for this brush is blending in translucent setting powder all over my skin. Never fails to give me that airbrushed look without moving a thing underneath it. This brush also works perfect at buffing into the skin if you’re like me and get a little too blush or bronzer heavy sometimes. Haha.

Such a multi-use too and belongs on every fude collector’s vanity.

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