Lumilayer Metal Cushion Primer


Janine B.
Gorgeous Glow!

This has to be the coolest primer on the market right now. It has the most beautiful silky texture, where it does not feel like it's sitting on your skin like other primers do. It gives off the most gorgeous pearlescent glow, not sparkly, just dewey like you got a facial! I actually feel like I could skip foundation and just use this on a good skin day. I also love the fact that it doubles as skin care, with ingredients like Vitamin C and Niacinamide to help with texture and skin brightness. The packaging is so clever, as well. I love that the metallic cushion dispenses the perfect amount of product, and keeps things hygienic. I wasn't expecting a second jar of product either, which comes in the package, so you can snap that into the case once you run out of the first jar, so it is definitely worth the money. I highly recommend this primer!

PS. I just saw Katie Jane Hughes using this as highlighter in her recent instagram story! It also works great for that!

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Valerie B.
I absolutely love this primer

This primer is sooooo pretty on the skin. It gives a soft glow and my makeup has not moved at all. The texture is like silk and really just lays so well on the skin.What I really like about it is for the price you get a refill that is awesome. I am excited to try other products from this line!

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Dana K.
Shockingly good
Photo of product included with review by Dana K.

After trying many primers I came to the conclusion that I am NOT a primer person. But this, this compact of the most beautiful primer ever created, has changed the game! I wear it alone for a little glow, or for its main purpose I wear it under foundation. Everything that sits on this primer looks airbrushed. It gives your face a lit from within effect. My pores vanish with this primer. My skin looks flawless. Ive never used anything like it. I love that it comes with a refill, too!

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Deanna D.
So glad I have this!

I received this in this year's Beautylish $75 Lucky Bag, and I'm so happy I did. The Lucky Bag gave me the opportunity to try this brand and this primer; otherwise I may never have done so.

I am absolutely loving this primer! I am 50 years old, and while I feel I have decent skin for my age (type: normal to dry), I do deal with dullness and discoloration sometimes. After I put on my moisturizer and let it sink in, I apply this primer, and WOW! It gives my skin such a natural-looking, healthy glow. It makes my foundation apply evenly and makes it look more like my natural skin, but with an even, beautiful, dewy finish. I have also noticed that it makes my foundation last longer, at least the two foundations I've tried so far with this primer. Love the application technique as it keeps the product as a whole protected from germs/bacteria. And I was really excited to see, when I opened the box containing this primer, there was a full-size refill included! That means that if I had purchased it the traditional way (as opposed to receiving it in my mystery Lucky Bag), I would have paid $20 per primer. What a bargain!

Thanks to Beautylish and its yearly traditional Lucky Bag, VDL is now on my radar, and I have a primer that makes my face look naturally fresh, healthy... younger! Yay! :)

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Karen F.
Transforms dull skin into a gorgeous glow!

I came upon this brand and product while browsing through the Beautylish A-Z. The delivery system caught my eye. It's a compact, with tiny holes in the bottom, which you push lightly to dispense any amount of primer you wish. The enclosed sponge (looks flat like a powder puff) is used to moisten the primer onto the sponge, then apply to your face. Omg! The very first time I saw this magical concoction on my dull skin, I was sold! It is like a skincare meets highlighter, without the glitter or greasiness. There's an almost iridescent blue hue, that awakens my skin so much so, that it could be left as is, with just a little setting powder. I also bought the VDL liquid foundation, which is lovely, too. I've tried easily 15 different product combinations, but this is my go to from now on. Who says skin has to look "mature" just because we age..?? Not this amazing product!!

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Alexis S.
Holy grail status for sure!

This is my ride or die primer and I promise to never part ways with it! I purchased this back in November of last year and I use makeup about two times a week. I only just ran out of the first compact and I still have the refill! I'm sure if you wear makeup daily it won't last as long but for my personal needs this is perfect! The product dispenses out the wholes in the compact and one pump evenly applies all over the face nicely. And I have a large face and have never felt like I needed more than one face. It gives a luminous glow that just does not stop! Anytime I wear this I get so many compliments about being "glowy". So amazing!

I don't use the mirror because I just use my vanity mirror. One huge drawback: I have absolutely no idea how to change the refill to a new one since I just ran out. I'm sure it was somewhere on the box but that was recycled long ago.

Formula-wise, the niacinamide does my skin so well. It is pretty high up in the ingredient list and I enjoy mixing skincare with makeup whenever I can. Must try!!

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Kelly K.

This is such a unique primer. It has a subtle iridescent glow and really helps makeup appear more dewy. It works well as a subtle highlighter as well. Love the cushion compact as well.

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