Beauty Product Reviews

Way to much raving for something that just isn't THAT amazing.

I think everyone will agree on the good smells. If your hair is pretty cooperative and not to frizzy anyway, don't expect drastic results. I imagine it would work wonders on someone who has very thick and frizzy unmanageable hair. I did notice softness and shine while wet, but thats it.


I used this for a year before i ran out, it does an amazing job, and i loved that i only had to go over once without smudges or streaks.

Works great! But...

I switched to a new 3 step acne system, and it was going well but then i used this and it worked amazing..but afterwards my skin was dry for days. Maybe just coinsidence, considering the description is for all skin types and isnt harsh. Maybe it was my skin adjusting, i want to try it a few more times and then might exchange it eventually.

Was impressed at first

I was dying to try this at first because of all its good reviews. I got it, and liked it. It didnt cover my skin type perfectly, but nothing does. I have dry and acne prone skin, and nothing will do..but this did better than most. So overall i was happy and i used it for a year. But then I started noticing its bad reviews, and that it wasnt as natural as it claimed. So i switched


This is the brush cleaner i use and i love it! Brushes come clean so easily, and you only need to use a little bit. The only downside is you have to pour it, and it can easily waste. Getting a spray bottle and putting it in might be a helpful thing