Beauty Product Reviews

Oh how do I love thee....this is still one of the mainstays in my hairstyling kit. It covers roots, bald spots, and volumizes like a mofo. And it's cheap! The only reason you don't get 5 stars, my beloved Batiste, is that there is one I love even more than thee. Expanda Dust by Unite, which is only available in salons, gives more volume and texture. Just sayin'. But you know I love ya B-baby!

This is, I believe, the highest concentration of BP available over the counter. It is very drying, but if your skin is oily and you have significant acne, it's a great buy that will help clear out the bacteria causing your acne. Just be sure to moisturize well to combat the drying effects.

Okay, I know this is not the cheapest thing. But it is one of the products I feel is truly worth every penny. So much so that I use it on myself as well as clients. I am, ahem, no longer a spring chicken, and this birdie needs a little somepin' around the eyes. I actually notice AND feel a visible difference with this stuff. I only use it at night and use something cheaper in the morning under my own makeup. I do use it on clients and especially my non-20-year-old-with-perfect-skin-clients. They all love it.

I usually have this in my kit. It's fantastic for quickly evening out skin and giving a healthy glow. Surprisingly, even though it has a fair amount of shimmer in it, it photographs beautifully. I spray it on my hands and then rub it into the model's skin. If I want to sheer it out a bit, I apply Burt's Bees Radiance body lotion first, then follow with this. That makes it slightly less transfer resistant, though. Even though the range is limited, the product looks great on all skin tones. Dries quickly. Feels like you have nothing on. Washes off easily with soap, so talent likes that.

These eyeshadows are a favorite of mine for personal use. For some reason I find the pigmentation and blending to be superior in the Runway Collection palettes to the single NYX shadows. The price can't be beat, the colors are extraordinary, and the packaging is very user friendly. I wouldn't use them on clients as the packaging is not kit friendly and I do have brands in my kit that I feel perform better. But I do highly recommend them either for personal use or a new makeup artist starting out.

As a pro artist, I find these indispensable. I love the rich, out-of-this-world pigmented colors. The blend-ability of the various shades for customization is heavenly. They have worked well as color correctors and on other parts of the face, too. For use in "real life" I think if you moisturize the lips well with lip balm and expect to have to do a little upkeep on the lips during the day, you will be rewarded with the richest, sexiest lip color ever! Just apply with a light touch and be sure to line the lips well to prevent bleeding.

It is rare that I don't pull out my Make Up For Ever Flash Color Case on a job. It is simply one of the most versatile and pigmented cream color products on the market. The formula is fantastic and the range is lovely. Color correcting and customizing are a breeze with this palette. An essential for the professional's kit and a great buy for any diehard makeup lover.