Clean & Clear

Persa Gel-10 Acne Spot Treatment


Maggie M.
Works great!

I love this product because it really helps to get rid of pimples! I like to use this at night after I have washed my face. I don't recommend using this in the morning because it leaves a lot of white on your skin. I only gave 4 stars because it dries out your skin. I got this in a pack with a moisturizer though, so it's great!

Kaitlin G.
Pretty good

I use it before i put my make up on. It controls oil very well. It clears skin pretty nicely! Although i do think neutrigina has a better spot treatment, but this still works well

Morgan B.
Good spot treatment for pimples

I use this to spot treat the random pimples I tend to get at certain times of the month. It really works fast, and usually my pimples are gone in a day or two with only a once-nightly application. It doesn't work on blackheads or whiteness, though. I need to pick up a different spot treatment for that.

Lela M.
Gets pimples away!

I love how amazingly this reduces my zits, the only downside is that I have to clump a lot on for it to work so I have a huge white patch wherever when I do it.

Emily C.
My go to spot treatment!

I loveeeeeee!!!!!!!!! this product, i just dab a little bit on the pimple and its gone between 2-3 days! I only gave it 4 stars though because it can dry out your skin so i would use a good moisturizer.

Danielle B.

This is, I believe, the highest concentration of BP available over the counter. It is very drying, but if your skin is oily and you have significant acne, it's a great buy that will help clear out the bacteria causing your acne. Just be sure to moisturize well to combat the drying effects.