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Feb 28, 2014

Annely B.

Following girl! Follow back? :)

Jun 25, 2014

Danielle B.

Thanks, followed you back!

Feb 16, 2014

Kristen L.

Thanks for the follow back!!

Sep 20, 2013

Dionne E.

Hi Danielle, I've never done makeup independently before, I've always worked with hotels and I was wondering, how do I draw up a contract for this? I'm heading out on my own for the first time and have a wedding party to do.

Sep 20, 2013

Danielle B.

Congrats on the gig! You can find simple sample contracts online by doing a search easily. The important things to include are: who & how many, how much, where the makeup will be done, the timeframe, the retainer/trial specifics, etc. You want to do a trial, charge a fee for that up front, then deduct the amount from the total when they pay you in full, which they should do before you do the work. I wouldn't take a personal check, cash or paypal/credit only. If you freelance I'm assuming you carry liability insurance, so they need to sign the waiver as well to protect you in case someone gets sick or hurt. You should both have copies of the contract/invoice for tax purposes. If you haven't done a wedding before of this size, take an assistant. These are just random things off the top of my head, but have a kill fee or deadline too. As in, if they cancel the week of, you still get paid. For the future, have a lawyer help you. Mine helped me with my contracts tremendously.

Jun 30, 2013

Tara G.

Thanks for following me back Danielle, I love your work beautiful!

Jul 2, 2013

Danielle B.

Awww, thanks Tara.:)

Jun 6, 2013

Alma M.

Thank you Danielle for the follow :-) great work.

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