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Beauty Product Reviews


Nail Strengthener! I have nothing bad to say about it. My nails were chipping and after using this product they don't regardless of how much i paint them. When I don't have nail polish on I simply put this on my nails because it drys fast AND makes your nails look super shiny! I love that you can use it as a base and top coat(: Will continue to purchase this, so glad I found this product.


For the price this brush has surprised me. I was thinking of buying a high end brush to stipple my foundation but didn't feel the need to when I got this product over a year ago. I now have two so when one is getting dirty I'll use the clean one and rotate it because I can't apply my foundation without this guy, It's an awesome investment.

Does the JOB

I have tried Urban Decay and L'Oreal Decrease and I can't believe this product is just as good. The consistency is very nice and smooth and you only need a little bit to prime your eyelid. Will run back to the drugstore when I run out, I like this better than L'Oreal Decrease not too sure if more than Urban Decay though but for the price it is WAY WORTH IT & honestly should be a little more for the formula.

Nautral Stain

Definitely DOES not last 16 hrs but I love the color of Endless Spice and Champagne second. I do have to reapply but I don't mind it because i love the slight tint of color that it adds to my lips. I always use CARMAX with any lip products I put on because it avoids the cracked and dry lip look. I find that when I don't do that the application doesn't look great. I'll continue to repurchase because it's a nice quick product to use.


I own the Waterproof Carbon Black and I got to say it stays on all flakes..great black and FULL lashes & I get no clumps. When I want my lashes to look EXTRA big I apply a coat of this and I'm out the door. Will keep repurchasing, Awesome formula!


My GO TO Foundation! I was in the search for a Flawless Effortless Foundation that was Healthy and SAFE for the skin....It sounded unheard of. BUT I researched about many foundations and THIS one stood out to me because it's non-comedogenic which is AMAZING to know and had great reviews. Went to my Sephora and it was between this one and Makeup Forever HD and I got a sample of them both...THIS one wears so feel like your not wearing foundation. SUPER NATURAL LOOKING and buildable coverage. It is light to medium coverage but on the days you feel you need more you can always put more. Lancome is a well known makeup brand for skincare and beauty they hit the mark on this foundation, in packaging, shades and the pump is awesome. Super happy! Don't see myself switching anytime soon...I can't believe I don't hear this foundation mentioned that often...It's WONDERFUL!

Color Lasts! Approach with my tips(;

Soooo the color selection of pinks are beautiful and the formula can make your lips look cracked if your lips aren't soft and exfoliated once in a while. BUTTT this product is very nice, I recommend. May have bad reviews but I feel it may be that I approached this product differently than the previous girls that reviewed it. Use Carmax EVERYNIGHT because you can see a HUGE difference in how the color wears and how any other lip color wears for that manner. COLOR LASTS, you can eat and it's bullet proof, I personally don't like my lips looking glossy so i skip the top coat. (This may be why the other girls had a different experience). I just wait for it to dry by smiling so the color settles smoothly and DON'T rub your lips together not with this product or any that promise to last all day. Hope my review helped XoXo!