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L.A. Girl

Calcium/Garlic Nail Builder


Hana A.

Nail Strengthener! I have nothing bad to say about it. My nails were chipping and after using this product they don't regardless of how much i paint them. When I don't have nail polish on I simply put this on my nails because it drys fast AND makes your nails look super shiny! I love that you can use it as a base and top coat(: Will continue to purchase this, so glad I found this product.

Michelle L.
Definitely Strengthens

Before I started using this product I was always buying different kinds of nail strengtheners that were just average. Now I use this and only this! This stuff is awesome and it definitely works for me! Using this product has made my nails really strong. I use it as my base and top coat and it works great. When I wear gel on my nails I have a tendency to peel it off after two weeks and this has made my nails really weak and brittle (they even started splitting! this never happens!) but using this product has helped repair them.