Beauty Product Reviews

This is another eyeliner I love using. It definitely has staying power (compared to my Jordana liquid eyeliner). I can't really complain about this eyeliner. It's true to it's color and it is very easy to apply. I'll be repurchasing this product when I run out of my current one :)

I really enjoy using this eyeliner. It has a nice tip for a thin line or you can use the side to make a thicker line. I do notice that after a long day of wear (when my face becomes a bit oily) the eyeliner smears if I were to rub the side of my eye (I usually do a cat eye and I don't set with a black shadow). I purchased mine at Walgreens and the Jordana Cosmetics are usually next to the Cosmetics cashier.

Creamy, easy to blend, matches my skin color perfectly. There's nothing else really to say about it. It is my favorite concealer... ever. Haha. I learned from Gossmakeup was to blot after applying concealer to minimize creasing which really helps and also fromemilynoel83 or Beauty Broadcast was to place Bare Minerals Multitasking concealer over any concealer and BAM you're set. Fav fav fav!!

I was honestly a skeptic because lip balms aren't really my cup of tea. Maybe because I haven't really found one that I super enjoyed, but I was proven wrong (also because my sister convinced me to buy one hahah). The Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters are 1) Moisturizing for the most part [I still like to apply chapstick underneath cause... I do haha] 2) Pretty good color pay off (buildable) and 3) It's really convenient, where it can be used casually during the day and not look to fancy schmancy (unless you were going for that) or even at night (depending on the color you choose). OH and sometimes I also like applying lipliner underneath my Fig Jam (a plummy brown color with a slllliiiiigggghhhtt hint of red in the mix). I use a nudey pink lipliner underneath and its just gives a really nice color combo!

Sadly, the MSF makes me look oily D: after a few hours. For the hours that my skin looks matte, I'm pleased. I primarily use this product on days that I don't wear my makeup for a long time.

I enjoy using Fix + to set my everyday makeup (concealer, pressed powder) as well as reviving and hydrating my face. I usually don't use Fix + to set my makeup for example, on a special occasion. To me, I noticed it doesn't lock everything in since I have on more layers: foundation, concealer, powder products (just more product on than my own everyday makeup which is really minimal).

I absolutely adore this product. I will have to say, it's probably best used in the winter (the drier months) because it can get greasy, but after a long day, you take a shower, you put this stuff on, and your skin feels pretty moisturized!

I enjoy using the Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder a lot. I use it to set my foundation and concealer on most days. It does a great job of minimizing shine (t zone). I only apply this once and that's it for my whole day. I prefer using a kabuki brush when applying this power.

  • Sin

I think that Sin is a great primer because it gives off that lovely champagne color but after 6 + hours, it began to crease on me. The original UDPP doesn't crease on me which I'm unsure of but none the less, I still think that Urban Decay's Sin is a lovely primer!

UDPP is a really great product. I use it primarily on my eyelids but also underneath my concealer for my dark circles (Gossmakeupartist tip :)) It locks in my eyeshadow from the time I put it on til the time I take it off. As for my concealer, it does a pretty well minimizing the creasing.