Beauty Product Reviews

Great for a drugstore brand!

Revlon is one of my favorite brands available at the drugstore. These lipsticks are super soft and creamy, and don't dry up my lips. I feel like I can apply this without looking in the mirror because the color goes on so smooth and easily. It doesn't feel heavy or cakey either and the colors always look great!

It didn't work for me

I liked the idea of a foam foundation, it was something unique that I hadn't heard of before. But it was hard to blend into my skin, and it gave a weird tint to it. It felt heavy on my skin. It's hard to tell whether you are putting too much or too little on. I like the idea, but the actual product needs to improve.

Consistency is cool, color is not!

Because these blushes were so popular, I felt like I needed to try them! And the idea seemed so cool! It took me forever to find the colors that I wanted. They were sold out in a lot of stores! I finally found the one I wanted, but I ended being a little disappointed. It felt really interesting and fun, and the idea was unique and innovative, but the product was very sheer! It didn't show up well, even my pale skin! But I still accept this product and will probably use it. I just don't think I will buy it again.

This palette wins the gold!

I've always been in love with Two Faced. I just never really loved the super shimmery colors that were given in some of the palettes! When I found out about this matte palette, I freaked! The colors are perfect for both day and night. You can also make this look super bold, or very natural! I love how versatile this Is!

So hard to find, but the result was great!

I literally spent weeks trying to find these! I checked all of my local stores, and they were sold out! Last Friday, I finally got my hands on two, Lollipop and Candy Apple. There weren't very many options to choose from, but I ended up loving the colors I got! This feels nice and smooth on the lips, and I am in love with the color that turns up on the lips! :)

I can't complain!

NYX lipgloss is great! The colors are gorgeous and they give lips just enough shine! I gave my friend some of mine to try out, and now she won't give them back! The consistency is light, and it really doesn't feel heavy or sticky on my lips. The one little thing that bugs me though, is the smell. It's not too pleasant. But pain is beauty. :)

This is my solution for my old makeup problem!

I have P.E. Class, and of course, I am a makeup addict. Those two don't mix too well. Because I had to stay in the class, but didn't want to sacrifice wearing my makeup, I decided to try this out! It worked! My skin doesn't become oily or even sweaty anymore, and my makeup simply stays where it is. It gives me that fresh feel. Say goodbye to shine! I've found the solution. In your face P.E. Class! :)

The variety is endless!

I could shop for MAC lipglasses all day! It all started when my cousin gave me my first one on my birthday years ago! Since then, I've been addicted! The colors are all so gorgeous, and you can never go wrong. Plus, the packaging is very sleek and compact. I love the feeling of these glosses as well. Many people tell me that they are sticky, but I have found a solution. I just put lip balm on before applying this. It also makes the gloss last all day, literally.

It works!

I never expected this product to turn out that well, but it ended up working so well! The packaging is really sleek and sort of reminds me of NARS, but much cheaper! I love that it gives me that subtle bronze look without making me look orange like other bronzers. Plus, with the shimmery shades, it evens everything out. I sweep my kabuki brush over this, and flawlessly glide it over my cheek bones for that luminous glow.

Gives me a glowing complexion!

I love the color pearl. I use it as a highlighter, and it gives my face that lovely glowing look I've always been looking for. It is so easy to apply. You just sweep it across your cheek bones and you instantly look awake and ready for the day!

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