Urban Decay

De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray


Nicole A.
not HG impressed

I've been back on the setting spray battlefield lately, my skin tends to be more oily in the cooler months lol I don't know why. I've used mac fix + for years and have never been overly impressed with it as far as a setting spray but find it useful for other things. I switched to the kvd one and loved it but found out that I run out of it much sooner. I was watching Wayne Goss and saw a review of setting sprays, and he said this one was good because skindinavia makes it so I gave it a try. 1st off 30$ is pretty steep but it is 4 Oz and most setting mists are around 3.4 Oz . I feel it to be thicker in application as others. My makeup overall stays on point and fresh looking, but my t-zone is still very oily. Honestly I don't think there is anything that completely works for 0 oil, but this is a good product to keep makeup looking very fresh. I also notice that the less finishing powder I use with this the more it works. Just my opinion but worth a try (:

Jamie Estele G.
Best setting spray for oily skin!

I'm in love with this product! I have very oily skin so I have to apply this twice a day but no other product controls my oil like this setting spray does.

Kit P.
Works as claimed.

There's a lot of confusion about when in your make-up routine you should spray. After applying your moisturizer, foundation, concealer, & eyeshadow, shake the De-Slick and spray in an X and then a T. Fan your face for a few seconds, & give it a minute to dry. Apply your eye liner, mascara, and powder (pressed or loose), and finally, your lip product. I have an oil well for a face, & this makes my make-up last the day, through many flights of stairs and bus transfers.

You can obtain the same results by improving your make-up application. Blend ladies! And loose powder is a staple!

**This spray isn't suppose to be an oil reducing product - it's formulated for your make-up, not your skincare routine. Its role is to set your products.

angel s.

I feel the need to try other setting sprays to really see if this is worth all that I think it is. Of course it isn't a holy grail product, but I'm not quite sure what I would do without it. I think to reach its fullest potential, you have to spray multiple times at multiple steps in your routine. I spray after moisturizer, after my mouse foundation and concealer, and then again after powder, eyebrows, and eye makeup. It works; prolonging the wear of my makeup and reducing the amount of shine that I experience in a day.

Layla G.
Mixed Review

I don't know how I feel about this product to be honest "/ I was so excited to buy this product as my t-zone gets realy oily when I'm wearing makeup, especially my nose & I don't think this product has helped calm down the oilyness. I wear make-up to school and usualy when I come home 75% of my makeup is gone from my face -.- but when I applied this product to my face, when I came home from school, it did make my makeup last a bit longer which is a positive:) It definitely doesn't control oilyness on the face but it does make your make-up last a tad bit longer.

Yesenia R.
Epic fail

I read tons of reviews from people with oily skin claiming that this product did wonders for them so I pretty much ran out and bought it! Luckily I only wasted fifteen bucks and not double for the regular size bottle. It did absolutely nothing for my makeup and definitely nothing for my oily skin, I guess it's not for everyone :( I'm very bummed that it didnt work for me! I'm left still hunting down a product that will tame my oily skin.

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Casey B.

I could never get my makeup to stay on longer than half a day because my face gets really oily. Once I stared using this, my makeup is staying almost all day.

brenda ivette v.
does nothing for me.

i actually bought this after purchasing the regular urban decay all nighter thinking this version would be a better buy due to the fact that i have oily skin, but i was wrong :( this does nothing to control the shine and oil like it says it will. if your looking to get your make up to stay i'd just recommend the regular version. will not repurchase.

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melissa t.

I've already finished my first bottle and now onto my second! This product is amazing for people who have oily skin. It controls the oil while you have make up on and plus when I over powder my face, I would simply spray this all over my face, giving me a dewy finish. This just makes your face look natural with makeup on and it's refreshing! Love it.

Toya A.

This was an impulse purchase while standing in line at Sephora. I was pleasantly surprised after I tried it out, it kept my t-zone from getting all oily and shiny. I have to agree with a previous comment though, it won`t keep the oil away all day, but it would be the last item I put on my face, I will try putting it on under AND on top of my makeup and see how that goes!