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I haven't worm make up in over two years, because I've been so busy I cut it out of my routine. To dip my toe back into make up, I chose the perfect foundation. I am a mixture of 33.5 and 44. What I love about this foundation is that it covers redness and imperfections, but somehow I am able to blend it in such a way that my natural freakles are still visible, and I look cute! It's so creamy and easy to apply with fingers. I love RMS I can't see myself using any other foundation.

This is a great set

I have mostly dry combination skin that had a lot of texture before I used this set, and now my skin is soft supple and great. What I love about this set is that it is so simple to use. All the products do exactly what they’re meant too, there are frills or fireworks, and as someone who works unpredictable hours and sometimes won’t get home until really late at night and using this set makes my life easier, and it doesn’t take forever to absorb which is a life saver when you want a 5 minute skin care routine. I will make more reviews about the individual products at a later time. But this set as a whole is amazing.

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This is the only full coverage that I actually like. Sometimes I use it as a concealer becuase I don’t really need full coverage everywhere, and it works great for that as well. My favorite thing about this product is that it looks like skin and it’s so moisturizing. What makes this product shine better than the other coverage products that I’ve tried is that it doesn’t have the ashy undertone that the CC cream does, and it still has spf 50. I’ll also say that goes on beautiful without needing to prep your skin first without any primer or moisturizer before application, so it’s perfect for when you’re in a rush and don’t have time for your morning skin care routine.

After months of passing it up

I've had the Savannah palette since I got it in my lucky bag XL. And I've used it but I've never understood the purpose for this for me. What I mean is that its a blush bronzer palette so what? Anyway, after refusing it to regift it for months I've finally seen the light. So it is a good product, its pigmented and does the job, but the fact that the colors are separated makes it the perfect pack alone product. One day I used it as my only color palette when I was playing with my makeup, and I was able to come up with a soft smokey eye and use this as a blush and bronzer, all with just this product. The colors are blendable but the individual colors also pack enough pigment to be used as eye shadow. Assuming that all of these types of pallets are similar in formulation and pigment, I totally recommend these. It's great to get creative and use products outside their intended purpose as long as you make sure that it is safe to use.

Beautiful primer

This is a great primer. I was given this for the purpose of reviewing, so I compared it to other luminous primers that I like. I compared it to the illuminating primer from Cover FX, the Bacca Backlighting primer filter, Dr. Brandt luminous primer, and Wonder Glow by Charlotte Tillbury. This primer is more affordable than all of the above and it performs just as well, while being hydrating and natural looking. If you don't have a lot of money and want a luxurious primer that is hydrating and Makes you look like you beautiful skin, under makeup, and without makeup, this primer is for you. It's also great for highlighting the high points of your face. This primer is also great if you have dry skin and want a full coverage look without the dullness. I wore this primer under my Estee Lauder Double wear foundation, and it didn't dry out my skin, and my foundation didn't cake. It was wonderful. I normally wear very minimal foundation because of how drying full coverage can be. I prefer this primer over Wonder Glow, Dr. Brandt, and Cover Fx. I like this just as much as the Backlight priming Filter, and that is only because I feel like the Becca primer has more of a golden glow vs. a pinkish glow and my skin has warm undertones so gold suites it better. After I run out of this bottle, which will be forever because you don't need alot, I will be buying this. I use it everyday now, and it makes me feel beautiful.

Great primer

I use this primer under and over makeup when needed. It smells luxurious, and all you need is very little on a finger and then tap it where you need it. It's a small jar but it will last forever if you use it sparingly. You really don't need a lot. I like to work the primer on my finger and tap it on pores that are to noticeable for my liking.

My favorite highlight

I am pretty minimal when it comes to complexition makeup and before I purchased this I was on the hunt for a highlight that was noticeable but still looked natural. This is it. It’s not long lasting, but it doesn’t claim to be either, but it is small enough to carry with you if needed, and it is easy enough to apply without a mirror with need as well. I have a warm tone G50 (CoverFx) complexion, and it looks so nice.

Favorite Pallet

If I could only choose one pallet for the rest of my life, it would be this one. It enhances my dark brown eyes so beautifullly, and the pigments just blend so smoothly and it smells amazing.

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Became an everyday item

This product is awesome. I used it every single day for the last month, and I have a backup. It’s such a tiny pot, and so universal. The nearest concealer I’ve found to this is the glossier stretch concealer, but it doesn’t have as much pigment nor does it build as much. I prefer this concealer over my glossier and I think it’s worth the cost, however glossier is a close second, and doesn’t crease as much under the eyes. To use this as a lightweight foundation, I have a little tip, that makes this product more versatile. With a tiny spatula grab a small amount and put it on a pallet or the back of your hand. Then add a couple of drops of facial oil and mix it. This apply it as a serum foundation. It’s to light weight and nourishing! Of course this probably doesn’t work well if you have oily skin, but if you can try it.


I don’t like this one bit. I already reviewed once, but this time I’m including the packaging. The packaging is garbage. I don’t like being so harsh, especially when I adore her lip and eye products! Lipstick, worth it. Eyeshadows( all of her formulas) worth it. Eyeliners, I have multiple backups. But this cream and this packaging! I haven’t dropped this, not once, and it hasn’t left my vanity until I put it back in it’s box to return it, and the top of jar is cracking. I didn’t mind that it was plastic because it was still pretty, but to have crack and slowly get worse without having dropped it is ridiculous. I can’t believe how cheap this feels, for 255$. I am glad I decided to return this.

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