Lumilayer Primer Fresh


BrownGirlColorStruckWorld E.
Step 1 in Glass Skin for Brown Girls

This primer is not a primer that is meant to moisturize the skin- though it does not dry it out either. It also does not do much to make your makeup last. However, the reason why I gave this product 4 stars is because with my experience playing with makeup bases while in Korea (where this product is from) most of them are not created to do anything but serve as an aesthetic boost to your foundation. So I went into this with that mindset. Where this item is that warm toned ladies, from fair to deep, now have a makeup base for glass skin that will not leave us looking like casper. The formula has a very elegant shimmer to it, which gives the skin a very ethereal glow. The shimmer is only noticeable in the bottle, thus if you do not want to wear foundation, but your skin looks tired, this can make your skin look refreshed.

If you are a brown girl and you want the glass skin look, I suggest using a thin skin tint, such as Glossier Skin tint, over this. For extra glow, Natasha Denonas super glow over the highpoints of your face will make you look beautifully otherworldly. Finish it off with a dewy setting spray or hyaluronic acid setting spray. Your glass skin look is complete.

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Aayushi S.
Average product

really hard to get product out, did not appreciate the design of the product...also the product itself has a scent which is very fragrant however it is noticeable if that is an aspect that you pay attention to. The product itself is average and I didnt feel like it kept my makeup on any longer or gave it a different finish

Elaine C.
Just another primer...

This primer didn’t really seem to make my makeup last any longer. Didn’t improve the texture of my skin. I didn’t feel like it gave me any extra hydration either. I think I would’ve had better results using just a moisturizer under my foundation.

Jessica H.
I'm in love
Photo of product included with review by Jessica H.

I was sitting this product for free by beautylish I was very happy when I seen this in my box because I saying that it had recently came out and I had been wanting to try it. I don't like to wear a lot of foundation because I live in a very hot place where you sweat a lot. So one day I use this just to wear around the house it made my skin look gorgeous gave me an amazing glow absolutely loved it lasted all day. The second time I used it I used it under a foundation my complexion looked absolutely amazing and I had a subtle glowy hint like a Natural Glow. It's amazing I love it I would absolutely recommend it thank you for sending it to me beautylish

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Claudia H.
Not the best for dry skin

Its very light in texture, sort of a gel/cream hybrid. Its glittery, when applied all over the face, not like an even glow. Amplifies any imperfections, lines, texture, dryness. Irritated my dry skin. Giving it two stars because I can at least use it in the high points of my face. Really wanted to like this.

Yi L.
Great primer

As a lunilating primer, it works with my foundation so well. It gives your skin a very natural health looking. It looks like your skin is that good.

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No B.
Subpar version of backlight primer

I was excited to see VDL come to Beautylish. I've heard that their original Lumilayer Primer is one of the most popular in Korea. I thought picking up their Fresh version would give my skin a little bit of a glow. And... it does. I'm just not a huge fan on the fragrance and denatured alcohol that this contains. especially for a primer that I wear under sunscreen, I just prefer to expose my skin to more antioxidants and less fragrance during the daytime when my skin needs help to fight off free radicals and environmental stressors. If you are interested my more detailed review and Swatch can be seen here https://youtu.be/MhynkVsR2fY

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Naomi B.

This primer is the worst I’ve ever used. Do not waste your money. It doesn’t even out the complexion at all- despite the fancy description about the pigments, and it says it is hydrating but I’ve now tried 5 different brands of foundation over this primer - and it makes me look like I haven’t drank water in two weeks. It brings out every single flaw and makes the makeup cling to every flaw. I haven’t been this disappointed in a long time.

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Barbara G.
Overwhelming amount of artificial fragrance

Ordered this not realizing it contained artificial fragrance and especially in such a large amount, smells like the laundry detergent aisle of a grocery store, nauseating. The finish has a subtle sparkle. I am shocked at the glowing reviews on this product given the odor.

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Araceli T.

I wasn't expecting glitter. Gravity eventually takes over and you are left with a sheen. Nice product but I can't say I like it more than using embryolisse as a primer.

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