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Pore Smoothing Primer

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Mandie M.
not for me

maybe I just have different skin but this rolled into little pills on my face!! I used a small amount and warmed it between my fingers then applied but it rolled all over my face. Definitely not for me

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Susan N.
It's Amazing!!

By far the best primmer I've tried and there some good ones out there. It has a very waxy feel to it and it took me by surprise, but it readily softens and goes on very nicely and evenly. I'm an older woman so I've got fine line, pores you name it but it takes care of them all. The first time I wore it and went to work I received so many compliments- I had forgotten that I had used it and kept wondering why everyone said i looked so good. When I got home I realized Anna Sui! I'm so happy with this product It really works well for me and it goes a long way and it smells good. I plan on purchasing it again. This is one to try for visible pores and fine lines.

Brooke P.
Love it

I really like this primer. I use it mainly in my problem pore areas and it really seems to help blur them. It’s a smooth silky feeling to it and then it just leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. I apply with my fingers like my other primer, but I think this one should be applied that way. I think it needs the warmth to help it lay down properly, Definitely recommend.

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S L M.
Great primer

Love this primer and it's blurring effect. You do have to warm it between your fingers before applying to your face or it will ball up and fall of. I gently rub between my fingers and smooth it on my face and it works great!

Beatriz B.
Not for me

This primer made my makeup fall off my face. It also made my face shiny. I'm glad this product worked out for others based on the reviews. My skin is combo dry but can get oily at times.

Brandon W.
I bought and love it

It's worth every dollar so Absolutely 100% amazing Indeed I would buy again I did fell, in love with it Thank you so much a mindblowing product!

Angee M.

First off I have combination skin and always have to touch up during the day along with blotting my oily spots a few times with a napkin or tissue. I usually wear a primer and a setting spray because my oily areas like to crease my makeup, so using both helps. I’ve used many primers from drug store to high end and still have yet to find the perfect one. I was using Tarte shape tape pore & prime balm and really liked the texture of the balm, so I knew when I shopped around I wanted to try another balm. I came on beautylish and just typed in “primer balm” and saw this one. Now I’ve heard of Anna Sui only from her affiliation with Coach and didn’t even know she made makeup products. I saw the reviews and made the purchase. It comes in a small container and smells like roses, but the smell fades shortly after application (thank God) and someone recommended to get a small amount (maybe half the size of a pea) and rub it between your fingers to warm it up then apply to your face as you would any primer and that works the best as far as application goes. I did try other techniques, but I feel like it didn’t work as well. Anyway The first day I used it I ended up in a hurry and forgot to spray my face with my setting spray before I left. During my lunch I went to do my usual touch up and when I looked in the mirror I was surprised, because I looked flawless! No oily spots, no creasing under my eyes, on my eyelids, Couldn’t believe it. I also looked several times throughout the day to see if I needed to blot...nope! I’ve used it now for 7 days and the result is still the same. After you apply it to your face it almost feels a little dry, but is soon as you put your foundation on it just helps it glide across your face so smoothly and it seriously keeps your makeup there all day! I haven’t even been using my settings spray (I use MAC prep & prime) but I decided I needed to use it so I could give a review as I didn’t know if the setting spray was making me more oily than normal and that’s why I was having such luck with this product. Nope, still perfect!! Sorry this is so long, but I am seriously shook! I’ve tried seriously SO many different primers and this one is it! I definitely recommend and will be buying this again! I know it’s a small container and it’s pretty pricy, but it is worth it!

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Jennifer M.

It has a waxy texture but I think that’s why it’s soooo good. I honestly think it’s a little too small for the price but I think the way it makes your foundation look smother kinda evens it out. It also has a rosy smell to it.

Divina C.
Beat smoothing primer

I was super surprised when I record this primer on the mail, the texture is so different from what I’m used to but I love it... it’s no silicone-y and it’s not heave on the face, it blends right in.... it literally blurs everything!!!!! The only reason I give it a 4 star is because of the scent... it has a heavy floral scent...

Dallas P.
Love it!

Not only did it cover my pores but helped smooth my acne scars as well. Leaving them not so noticeable. Definitely will be getting again.