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I'm confused

I love this brush it's so soft and gentle. Synthetic brushes tend to be to rough for me so it's great. I like brush, but it does everything my 02 one does. It gives a similar contour applies blush beautifully, but it's nothing different than the 02. Also it looks like it gets oily real quick and I'm not oily. I'm not a makeup artist either so maybe I just need practice. Ah well. I still like it. Good job Wayne.

Pretty awesome, but you can do without and get the same results.

There are dupes that are very affordable and do the same job. Those dupes however are very hard against your face. I know that investing in a brush may sound more appealing than buying an expensive sponge, but not everyone can use brushes because it may cause micro exfoliation to dry and sensitive skin. For me the Beauty Blender can apply all my makeup except eyeshadow, and lipstick. Since i have dry skin, using brushes sometimes will anger my face. I use my beauty blender for setting powder on my t zone, and applying powder blush and bronzer. It's awesome, but..... you can do this with any sponge in a similar shape. The brushes that I own that do not anger my face are at least 35$. What sounds more reasonable? 20$ or 35$. 35$ gets you a small tappered blue squirrel hair brush from Wayne Goss. In a nutshell, this sponge does great work, but you can get the same results with a cheaper sponge in the same shape, But it wont be as soft or pleasant.

Pretty Snazzy

I really like this sponge. It does a plethora of things. I apply foundation, setting powder, and even powder and cream blush. The only thing I cant do with this sponge is apply lipstick and eyeshadow. I guess you can do the same with other sponges that are rounded as well though. I have had mine for about 6 months. I bought two so I can have back up but the second one is still unopened. I love this sponge. Its also great for five minute makeup days. I either use this sponge or the Wayne Goss brush number 53.

Takes practice

I love this brush. I use this for my foundation, it does take time and practice to get the hang of it, and it's taken me a few weeks, but I love it now. The only reason I don't use it everyday is because I have dry skin and tend to use very Matt foundation. I mostly use a beauty blender to avoid cake face and micro exfoliating, but honestly it so soft micro exfoliation doesn't happen unless I have crackly skin do to eczema on my face. I love this brush when I'm using my Mac full coverage cream foundation, and tomorrow I'm going to try it with my Natasha glow foundation.

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