Beauty Product Reviews

Works like Ojon but only price is impressive.

I've been using the Ojon dry shampoo until cheaper drugstore alternatives came out. It worked fine even though I had to brush vigorously to get the whitish cast out of my hair. The same holds true for this Tresseme version. Sure, it absorbs excess oil, but you really need to work this in. The worst part of it is that the nozzle clogged up on me after a couple weeks of use. I probably have at least 3/4 of the product left and no amount of unclogging can get the nozzle back to a usable state.

Light but deeply moisturizing!

I have combination skin where my T-zone can get really oily but my cheeks can be really dry. This helps balance it out. I love how this feels when you put it on: it glides on nicely and you can feel the richness of it but it doesn't leave you with a heavy, cream-on-your -face kind of feeling. You can almost feel it sinking into your skin, leaving it smooth and supple to the touch without the greasy feel. I swear by this stuff. HG material, for sure!

I've been shopping around for other base coat options and decided to give this a shot. Initial thoughts: rubbery is a good word to describe the texture you get once it's dry! I think polish does tend to stick to this sort of surface. I haven't had chipping or flaking issues with this on and any manicure where I wear this underneath can last me a week with only minimal tip wear. My only issue is that when I wore this under Orly Sweet Tart (a red jelly), I got major staining. Major as in ORANGE nails. And I was only wearing the mani for 4 days! I'd have thought an Orly basecoat would work well with an Orly polish but next time, I'm definitely doubling up (even tripling!) on base coat.

Cheapie but goodie!

For something I purchased for 0.99 cents, this is worth every single penny. The formula is great: flows well and some (mostly cremes) can be opaque in 1 coat. Fast drying claims are definitely true. Some were disappointingly sheer (East Village, I'm looking at you!) and needs more coats to build up opacity so dry time takes longer with those. Wear time is ridiculous. I can wear this for a week with minimal tip wear. No chipping or flaking. Overall, I'd recommend these for any nail polish newbie to start a collection on or even seasoned veterans looking for cheaper alternatives.

Light + Moisturizing + All Natural = WIN

I love this stuff. I have tins and tins of it. Definitely one of my few lip balm go-tos! It has a nice creamy and moisturizing feel on the lips but it's light enough that you don't feel like you've just smeared your lips with oil. Or petroleum jelly. No icky feeling at all. That it smells faintly sweet with a kick of peppermint is a huge bonus. But if they come out with a stick version, that would make this more than perfect!

Great coverage!

If you're looking for a maximum coverage concealer, this is it. It covers blemishes really well and blending it in is really easy. The texture of this concealer is thick, where you have to warm up the product to get it to glide easier. Exactly why it's perfect for covering up imperfections. Just be sure you don't smear on too much as a little product goes a loooong way and you might end up with some cakiness. I've also been using it as an under eye concealer as it also has some yellow undertones to it that kills the purplish circles I have, but I find that even with primer underneath and setting powder on top, it tends to sink into fine lines after several hours. Bottom line: great coverage for imperfections but not for under eye use.

Something to spice things up!

My husband bought me a Lush set for Valentine's this year and this was included in it. I found it was best to drop the "bomb" into the water when it's a quarter of the way full so that the running water helps it disperse better. It turns the water a purplish shade and the rose actually separates so it looks like you have rose petals in your bath water! Very cool and absolutely romantic. This really makes for a luxurious experience. I couldn't give it full marks though because I don't like how the "petals" tend to stick to you.

For the bubbliest bubble bath ever!

I'm a kid at heart so I love bubbles at bath time and the Comforter Bubble Bar has never failed me. I usually take a piece of this to mix with other bath bars or to add to a bath bomb for extra bubble oomph. Alone, this makes the water pinkish and sweet smelling (but not the cloying kind; more just a hint of sweetness.) without that slick feel of soap based bubble bath products. The bubbles also last for a fairly decent time, maybe half an hour. Definitely a staple for anyone who loves to take a soak after a long day!