The Comforter Bubble Bar


Jacquelyn J.
My Favorite Bubble Bar!

I really, really love this bubble bar! The smell is amazing that you just want to take a bath using it every single day! It also relaxes you and your mind so you can enjoy a nice bath in peace.

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Theresa G.
Love this scent.

I love this bubble bar. I am not a fan of sweet scents but this comforter bubble bar smells of sweet rasberries. That when in the mood I will bath with this. When I do buy this bubble bar I cut it in fours sometimes more cause just a piece of it fills your bath with bubbles : )

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Sammie M.

Amazing! Smells delicious, gives lots of bubbles in your bath and leaves your skin feeling nourished and smooth. I've actually had friends comment on how smooth my skin is after using this product.

Rebecca C.

I don't know where to start with this product.. it's Fricken' amazing! It smells like heaven and a small but of this in the shower or bath and it's just heavenly! It's so relaxing and cleansing I love it!! On my 2nd bar in my near by lush store they sell really big sized ones so they last me a long time :)

Sarah M.
Smells heavenly

This is one of the best things I have ever smelt. The bar is big enough that it can be used more than once if you cut it up into bits. This is a sweet bubble gummy smell, and oh my days this is a god send

Steph H.

I got gifted this bubble bar about a month ago and finally got around to using it and I love it; the smell, the feel, the pink, all of it! I have really bad Atopic Eczema and this bubble bar even soothed that, on top of brightening up my bad mood, when the mountains of bubbles wrap around you it's like a great big, lovely smelling hug! Upon getting out of the bath my skin was super smooth and felt hydrated which is a really huge thing for me, well done Lush on yet another amazing product.

Lydia C.
My favourite

This is my favourite product of all time from lush. It creates millions of bubbles and turns your bath water the prettiest pink. The smell is wonderful- like a sweet blackcurrant. Also, it lasts around 4/5 baths which is great if your saving money but you want to smell great! I always love to pair this with rock star soap as they make a beautiful pair. :)

Charlotte B.
I absolutely love this

Firstly, it smells extremely nice. It smells of blackcurrants and is great paired with blackberry bath bomb, you snap the whip body butter and sweetie pie shower jelly, again all from lush. It makes amazing bubbles and turns your water a lovely pink colour.One of the best things about it though is that you can use it up to 6 times which is great for your money. I will definately keep purchasing this product. Great job on this product lush!

Shelby B.
Smells soooooooooooo good :)

I love this bubble bar, it smells so good....especially when you are feeling down this bubble bar will brighten your day. When you put it in the running water it turns your water BRIGHT PINK! I love it. And it gives off a really nice aroma! This bubble bar is usually more expensive than the others in the store, thats because it is twice the size of the other Lush bubble bars....I can sometimes use this bubble bar up to 6 times before I run out....thats inpresssive!I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes to take baths....and if you don't like the smell try out some of Lush's other bubble won't be dissapointed <3

Glamgirlyily O.

I am in LOVE with this bubble bar! It unlike some of the ones you can buy can be used up to 6 times. It smells amazing and is just great for a fun and relaxing bubble bath!