Honey Trap Lip Balm

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Mia D.

I love this stuff! It soo moisturizing and feels good on my lips. Best part is is reading that it contains white chocolate mmmmm :). I like that it also brings out the natural color of my lips and its not glossy and gross. I left it in my purse in a hot car one day and it kinda melted and wasnt the same texture I first got it in. However I will still be loving and using it.

Amanda P.
I like it but I probably won't buy it again.

I bought this on my very first trip to Lush. It was sitting at the counting with I was checking out and I thought I would give it a try. Its ok. Its not my favorite balm, I always feel like I need to apply something else soon after because my lips seem as dry as they did before I applied Honey Trap. Its gets me by but its not my go to when I have other options.

Nancy M.
soft lips

this makes my lips feel super soft and the smell is sweet...the balm is not sticky or gooey. I like that its a subtle and hello! its made with all natural ingredients.

Carmela O.
Light + Moisturizing + All Natural = WIN

I love this stuff. I have tins and tins of it. Definitely one of my few lip balm go-tos! It has a nice creamy and moisturizing feel on the lips but it's light enough that you don't feel like you've just smeared your lips with oil. Or petroleum jelly. No icky feeling at all. That it smells faintly sweet with a kick of peppermint is a huge bonus. But if they come out with a stick version, that would make this more than perfect!

Lily H.

This stuff is indispensable. It's great on its own, but apply it after using one of the lip scrubs (I think it pairs best with Sweet Lips, the vanilla-chocolate scrub) for the best possible pout.

I picked one up the first time I ever visited a Lush store, several years ago, just because I liked the name -I guess "honey trap" was what they used to call seductive bad gal types, like in James Bond movies. Anyway, I bought it just because I liked the name, but kept it around as a makeup bag staple because Honey Trap is amazing!

It's really moisturizing and stays on for a long time -a little bit goes a long way. The honey and vanilla scent is delicious (I'm a sucker for anything vanilla), and I swear there's white chocolate in there, too. My favorite part, though, is the little bit of peppermint that sneaks up on you and makes your lips tingle.

Screw chapstick, it's all about Lush Honey Trap.

Ellie B.
New winter lip staple!

I remember once buying Lush's Egg Snog lip balm a few years ago and loving it so I figured I'd give Honey Trap a try too.

I liked the scent, not too over powering like a lot of balms. It definitely does it's job for moisturising... there's lots of beeswax in it (according to the sales lady) so it has a slightly stickier texture but that helps keep it on your lips, doing it's job.

You can definitely feel the peppermint working and unlike a lot of drugstore lip balms I only have to apply this once or twice a day (opposed to once or twice every couple of hours!).

Still hoping they'll bring Egg Snog back one day but until they do... I'll stick with this!