Sex Bomb Bath Bomb


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a getaway in the form of a ball

Mmm, I love it! it smells so good and it keeps me at peace after a long frustrating day in the city. There's seriously SERIOUSLY nothing like coming home, finishing your homework, and ending it off with a long hot bath + netflix. And then you add the Sex Bomb? BAM! Life is good again.

If you're going to try bath bombs for the first time, do try the sex bomb first!

I love Lush is so luxurious !

I love lush soaps I purchased a bunch for my sisters birthday and now she is in love! I'm not really familiar with product names but I love how the soap balls are little surprise works of art. There is one that you drop into the bath and it swirls around and lets out beautiful colors of glitter. The one that is shown in the picture above actually has a real rose in it. I love how these soaps make you feel like a queen ahhh I love LUSH! I definably need to go purchase some for myself =)

The worst

This is the worst bath bomb I have ever gotten from lush. I use lush bath bombs all the time and they usually last longer and have more color or smells coming off of them. There really wasn't any smell and there isn't really a flower the comes out of it; it is a gel-like smooshy thing and it's gross

Relaxing and moisturizing

bath bombs in general are relaxing. This is my favorite because of the colors as well as the jasmine scent. Something about this bomb just makes me want to soak in my tub for hours... Even if I come out like a raisin. The name says the supposed characteristics it'll give you, but I just like the smell and the moisturizing center!


I am absolutely in love with this product. I just can't get enough of it. The smell is so wonderful, it smells a lot like The Joy of Jelly (which is another favorite of mine). It also turns your water pink! What woman couldn't love that part? The rose bud in the center is so moisturizing. Every time I want to relax and take a break from the real word, I just pop this luxurious bath bomb into my water and let it moisturize and wash my worries away.

My boyfriend enjoyed it ;)

Bought this for a couple's bath, and must say it wasn't what I was expecting...but that's a good thing! I was expecting it to be VERY floraly and rose scented, but it wasn't. It was more of a musky/sensual/woodsy idk what kinda scent. It was awesome! My man, who wanted to try it just because of it's name (hardy har I right? =/) loved it as well. He said it made his skin SUPER soft, and he liked that the scent was very unisex so he didn't smell like he had rolled around in a bucket of Pink Sugar or flowers. The color it made the water was awesome too! It was this lovely lavender/orchid tone that was just very alluring and enchanting. Plus, a little goes a long way. We broke it up to use in several baths rather than dropping the whole thing in the bath, and let me tell ya...a little goes a long way on scent, moisture level and color change of water. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because though I did like the scent, I didn't love it. It's good for a sensual bath when you want it, but other than that the scent can give me a headache if I smell it for too long or in a concentrated state. That's also the reason for us breaking it down into several baths. Other than that though, I'm glad I purchased it.

One of my favourites!

This is one of my favourite bath bombs when it comes to LUSH! Love the way it fizzes in the bath & then the flower floats around: it's so relaxing! And my skin feels lovely afterwards.

Cray cray!

Been crazy in love with this! Pop it in the bath and it goes from pink to a purpley color and there's a rose on top that stays floating around your tub while the rest has melted away :)

Best. Product. In. The. Store.

I have been crazed with LUSH for about three or four years now, and this is my favorite product in the whole store.The smell is so seductive and soothing. The real dried rose petals and jasmine are so calming. If you havent tried this, go buy yourself one and sit in the tub, you'll never want to get out!

Absolutely my FAVORITE!

I have been a Lush fanatic for a lil more than two years now and my number 1 bath bomb is the sex bomb. I LOVE the scent. I actually use it as a freshened in my draws : ) it is such a soothing smell that leaves me at ease. Writing about it just makes me want to go tak a bath now : ). If you haven't tried this deffinitly go and get a sample.