Climate Control® Heat & Humidity Gel


Jenna G.

I have always struggled with my frizzy curly hair especially in the summer time and at the beach. Some things would work but leave my hair crunchy and very un natural looking. Ouidad climate control makes it look nice and controlled with not frizz, but there is no hardening of the hair. I highly recommend this product to anyone with natural curly hair.

Nadia N.
Pretty good

This gel definitely works for my wavy hair. This product a little goes a long way or your hair can look greasy. This kept my curls intact. I definitely use this when I'm going out and want my hair to be natural. One of my tips is use this with a diffuser with my wet hair. That really shows the product works.

Deborah B.
Not to Shabby

I LOVE the Ouidad hair cut...if you have curly hair this cut is for you. The products are pretty good. This product was very good with holding the curl but I didn't like that it could get stiff. This will hold a curl well. Seek out a stylist that is Ouidad certified...you will not be disappointed in the cut.

Erica S.

I just started using this recently in place of the Tress Effects Styling Gel by Ouidad, and I feel like this one is a lighter hold. It keeps my curls intact, helps prevent frizz and hasn't made my hair crunchy at all. I put it on my hair when it's still damp and usually let it air dry.